May 28, 2005

Getting back into Discworld

For the first time in a long time, the Discworld MUD is actually fun again. I figured I had burned out on that game, and it was difficult coming back every time I tried, since many people that I remembered had either left or had continued playing the whole time and had grown so ridiculously beyond my level that I was no longer able to hunt with them. Recently though, Rizzo on SA started a goons club. After joining up with the rest of the goons with my semi-veteran wizard, Discworld became interesting.

It's great playing with familiar faces on the forums, grouping with a huge variety of players, new and old, and generally having something to talk about over the club channel. 'Wizards' is pathetically quiet anyway.

Who knew some of my forum favorites like Hildgrim and Foggy had started playing this thing? The Games goons are also great players with good attitudes too. Cize is an incredibly strong feef, and I basically relearned how to group lead after following him for a while. Xaos is such a friendly witch, thanks for the free tea. Now if I can just get Jerjac sucked back into this game, we'll be all set.

Thanks all, see you on the Disc.

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May 23, 2005

Gunslinger Girl vol. 2

Gunslinger Girl 2 coverSo I went to B. Dalton's today and saw Gunslinger Girl volume 2 on the shelf. Finally! Finally! I'VE ONLY BEEN WAITING 2 YEARS! Goddammit when the hell did it come out? Leave it to ADV to make sure new releases never get any advertising. It doesn't even exist on their website. ADV's manga release calendar is equally useless(it hasn't been updated in 3 months). Why does such a great series get such poor treatment? Why is ADV in general so incompetent? While I am very happy about finally getting my hands on this book, I still have to complain.

ADV's translators have done a nice job on the book itself, but their publicity department, as always, has been horrible. There are already many reasons to hate ADV's publicity department, from their "What is anime" commercials to their pitifully barebones DVD releases (I need liner notes. Komugi would have been sooo much better if it was released by Bandai/Geneon) to their notoriously bad categorization of anime. The way they handled GSG's release only adds to the fire. Their site has absolutely no information on the book or the series or how many volumes. When they released volume 1, I had been expecting volume 2 to follow shortly. I assumed maybe they were taking their time for a quality release. 6 months later, I was worried ADV had dropped the project. They've done it in the past. But, ADV's website remained unchanged. They still listed book one and so I had hope. I kept that hope for two years. So what the hell was going on? Did they drop the series? Was there a licensing fight? Did book 2 come out? Whatever ADV knew, they didn't tell us. ADV, please learn to make a manga catalogue like Tokyopop which actually has useful information.

Thankfully, I am only a casual Gunslinger Girl fan so it hasn't affected me that much...but Yotsubato, that is another story. ADV, please do not do this to Yotsubato or I will do bad things to you..very bad things such as anonymously insult you on an internet blog.

Please? Please be good to Yotsuba.

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May 19, 2005

Gekiten Appreciation

Summer is a time for relaxing, camping, swimming, fishing, and general fun in the sun. Or so everyone else says, but I say summer is a time to finally go home, get away from the restrictive ports blocking of the evil Campus Firewall, fire up Share, and download everything you've missed during the year until Optimum Online freaks out and cuts you off (Apparently, their policy for internet use is: NO UPLOADING OR DOWNLOADING ALLOWED. I should have stuck with Verizon.)

Today, I did a bit of time travelling by grabbing a really old episode of Gekiten. Aired January 15th 2004, this episode features guest Momoi Haruko promoting the then new Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte 5. I wish we had these kind of shows in the US.

Screenshots follow:

Maria Yamamoto (left) is pretty cute.
Hello girls.

But Halko is still cuter.
She's cute isn't she?

I bet that guy in the back feels left out.
What a happy family.

What's nurse, precious?

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May 18, 2005

Let me love you

School Days Vocal AlbumAbout two weeks ago, I came across a very strange Momoi song called "Let me love you." Its strangeness comes from the style of the song which, as any dedicated fan may realize after listening, is a little different from anything she's ever done before. This song does not sound like Momoi. Where normally there should be hyper cries of "chu chu" and an onslaught of really addicting guitar riffs and electronic sounds, we find instead soft soothing vocals set against gentle acoustics.

Although Momoi has a long and varied career, her music has always maintained a certain flavor. Whether she was UNDER17 or Poly-Phonic or Virtualian-co, her lyrics were often sugar-coated with girly innocence (Magi-cu), geeky references (GURA GURA), or general insanity (Ichigo Go!Go!); her voice was always cute; her tunes were always horrifically ear-bleedingly addictive. While some songs, like as "Figure ni Naritai" and "Kotae," broke this traditional formula, in them you could find influences of her unique style. The general rule was, "You can always know a Halko song when you hear one."

This was not one of those songs. Here, I found myself listening to it several times on loop and still wondering to myself, "Did Momoi really sing this?" Here, I found a serious attempt at a conventional love song. Momoi's old music had carved such a distinct impression on me that I was unable to adapt to change. But, if there were any song that could break the pigeonhole, this was it. I found myself enjoying it more and more, and now it is one of my favorite songs.

Yesterday, I finally discovered the origins of this song. It came from School Days Vocal Album which was released in late April (thank goodness for ero-games and their demand for character music). This was a new song, a display of her excellent vocal range, and possibly a hint of things to come. It is fun to think what could have happened if Momoi stuck it out singing standard Jpop back in 97 and never moved on to moesongs. Then perhaps all of her songs would sound like this. However, objectively speaking, this song is not really special and it sounds like every other love song out there. The catch is that it is Momoi, and thus the appreciation is boosted knowing that it is so different from the old. For her, it is fresh and groundbreaking. I like this song, because through it, I witness Momoi's evolution. It's always nice to see something like that...

Sparingly though. She still needs to stick to the cute stuff: I like that best.

Let me love you.ogg

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May 2, 2005


More adventures in Winny (because Share sux and doesn't work)! This time I have grabbed a copy of Ironic, which is a song I have been looking all over for since May of last year. It does not disappoint.

No, not Alanis Morissette. Poly-Phonic.
Let me tell you...Momoi armed with a vocoder...that just blows my mind.
Also, last night's Uramomoi was pretty funny.

You know I should really really be studying for exams right now.

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