June 30, 2005

More missed Momoi merchandise

DreamParty LIVE EX Special Maxi SingleSo, the DreamParty concert at YLMA went off without a hitch. I am currently searching all over to look for any pictures that may or may not exist. Nakid decided to pull an insane amount of goods out of their ass on short notice at the last moment, which I believe you can only buy from the event stands and had I known about these I'd have paid off Yuta to go buy me some crap beforehand. Why won't they wide-release? Oh god I wanted those lights and that shirt so bad.

I did manage to find the Live EX CD on P2P though, and it is pretty awesome. Now if only a respectable company that ships overseas would stock it.

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June 25, 2005

LOTR Marathon

LOTR Extended Edition Box SetTime to advertise my favorite DVD website ever, Deep Discount DVD.

Yesterday, my LOTR box set arrived, and of course I set out to challenge the famous LOTR marathon attempted by nerds worldwide. Extended edition. Armed with huge buckets of buffalo wings and other snacks, my brother and I started with Fellowship at 10PM and carried on through the night. We went through all three films and appendixes. The experience can only be described as exhausting yet somehow extremely rewarding. One great thing about doing this though is you start noticing a lot more detail connecting the films together. I have now developed an intense hatred for Frodo's incompetence that I had never noticed before, and Sam is like the best most incorruptible invicible character ever. Gandalf was also nerfed in RotK when we saw his ass get kicked by the witch king. Jeez, that extra scene completely screws up the later battle..as there is NO WAY Eowyn could have taken down someone nearly as strong as the witch king.

Special thanks to Deep Discount DVD, with their dirt cheap prices made even CHEAPER by their special summer sale. 20% off entire cart. Use USWEEKLY as the coupon code. I got this box for 60 frigging bucks and free shipping. If you are considering purchasing the box set and running a marathon of your own, I strongly recommend buying through them.


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June 22, 2005

Random Momoi Haruko News

It's been a while since I've updated on Halko happenings this month, so let's get started with a few items today. For the month of June...

Item 1: Momoi's website seems to be getting a design overhaul. If my understanding isn't completely off, the new version will be hosted on a different server (under the same domain name), and boasts her own handwritten HTML. Please correct me on this if I am wrong. Right now the page is a temporary placeholder. It's really cute how she is just ditching the old blog software and editing the news entries manually. Momoi also has a thing for hit counters, and even the makeshift temporary placeholder site does not disappoint in this. I guess that really just shows her old school style. In the 90's, everyone absolutely had to have a hit counter on their site. I remember doing the exact same thing with all my early geocities pages. The original website can still be found here, but is no longer maintained. For even earlier Momoi pages, you can use the Wayback machine.

Item 2: DreamParty OSAKA 2005 Spring concert is coming up in only 3 days. Initially, I always wrote off Dreamparty concerts as minor events, but after seeing some shots of DreamParty in Tokyo back in May, I've changed my mind. The events appear to be VERY Halko-centric. I am really looking forward to seeing pictures from this one, and still waiting for the DVD of the last concert. She always chooses the best outfits and sings in such a great voice. When other girls wear net like that, they look hideous. When Halko wears net, it's wholly different. Once again there is the magic. As robot touch from SA so accurately puts it, "The strange paradox is that, although I'm utterly retarded for Momoi's voice and how adorable it is, if some random girl in a shop or on the street started talking that way, I would punch her right in the neck. Right in it. Nobody has an excuse to talk that way."

DreamParty EX Shot:
Stolen from geek

Item 3: It looks like they will be making another season of Ragnarok. Hopefully, we can see Momoi reprise her role of Maya. They BETTER include Maya. Clearly her relationship with Alice and that other half demon were the most interesting and strongest parts of the entire season. The other characters were all horribly weak. Roan was basically a dick, Iruga was so emo, and Yuufa had a massive and decidedly creepy oniisan complex. Maya made the show worth watching, although I may be biased.

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June 20, 2005

Not all clowns are bad

Not this one at least.
Coolest clown ever
The previews at the end of Yakitate 30 have my mouth watering. This is the beginning of a new story arc so I suggest if you were thinking about starting Yakitate, now is the time to do it. I personally enjoy this arc way more anyway...and all thanks to this clown.

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June 3, 2005

Glass no Kaze anticipation

Glass no Kaze by KOTOKOThere are only five more days until Glass no Kaze comes out. Today, I finally broke down and decided to preorder a copy from CDJapan.

Track list is as follows:
02. Wing my Way
03. Oboetete Iiyo
04. Tameiki Clover
05. Meconopsis
06. Sasakure
07. Kohaku
08. Re-sublimity
09. Glass no Kaze
10. 421-a will-
11. Free Angels
12. ß-Nendo no hoshi
13. Akai tama, aoi tama

It doesn't have much new stuff, but neither did Hane and I did not regret buying that. I think the bundled DVD will be worth it.

If you understand a bit of Japanese, you can find more information about Glass no Kaze at KOTOKO's official website.

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