June 25, 2005

LOTR Marathon

LOTR Extended Edition Box SetTime to advertise my favorite DVD website ever, Deep Discount DVD.

Yesterday, my LOTR box set arrived, and of course I set out to challenge the famous LOTR marathon attempted by nerds worldwide. Extended edition. Armed with huge buckets of buffalo wings and other snacks, my brother and I started with Fellowship at 10PM and carried on through the night. We went through all three films and appendixes. The experience can only be described as exhausting yet somehow extremely rewarding. One great thing about doing this though is you start noticing a lot more detail connecting the films together. I have now developed an intense hatred for Frodo's incompetence that I had never noticed before, and Sam is like the best most incorruptible invicible character ever. Gandalf was also nerfed in RotK when we saw his ass get kicked by the witch king. Jeez, that extra scene completely screws up the later battle..as there is NO WAY Eowyn could have taken down someone nearly as strong as the witch king.

Special thanks to Deep Discount DVD, with their dirt cheap prices made even CHEAPER by their special summer sale. 20% off entire cart. Use USWEEKLY as the coupon code. I got this box for 60 frigging bucks and free shipping. If you are considering purchasing the box set and running a marathon of your own, I strongly recommend buying through them.


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