June 30, 2005

More missed Momoi merchandise

DreamParty LIVE EX Special Maxi SingleSo, the DreamParty concert at YLMA went off without a hitch. I am currently searching all over to look for any pictures that may or may not exist. Nakid decided to pull an insane amount of goods out of their ass on short notice at the last moment, which I believe you can only buy from the event stands and had I known about these I'd have paid off Yuta to go buy me some crap beforehand. Why won't they wide-release? Oh god I wanted those lights and that shirt so bad.

I did manage to find the Live EX CD on P2P though, and it is pretty awesome. Now if only a respectable company that ships overseas would stock it.

Posted by Paranda at June 30, 2005 7:47 PM


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