August 31, 2005

"Akihabarabu" news

Akihabarabu Cover ArtIt's two days too late, but I figure I might as well update on it. Nakid badly needs to implement a mailing list so I know about these things ahead of time.

On August 29th, Nakid released CD/DVD packs of "Akihabarabu" which contained recordings of the Uchimizu event I wrote about earlier. "Akihabarabu," which is a play on words "Akihabara," the number-one Otaku district in Japan, and the "Love," was sold in extremely limited quantities on the first floor of the YamagiwaSoft shop for 1,980 yen each (holy crap that's cheap!). According to some Japanese blogs, you had to reserve a ticket to buy this with representatives on first to even have a shot at buying it.

The CD single contains "Akihabarabu" in its original and karaoke version. The DVD contains 2 videos: A promotional video of the Uchimizu Taisaku Ikusa event, and a choreographed music video.

Since I entirely missed my chance of owning this in any way (I have no way of travelling to Japan anyway), and this will not be mass produced or sold in any other stores..I will be watching the P2P networks extremely closely for the following weeks in hopes that some kind soul will rip and upload this. Hopefully, I will be able to grab something and share with the rest of us American fans. This was how I managed to get my hands on the Da Capo secret concert in 04 with Momoi as Utamaru at least, so it's not entirely impossible.

In the mean time, good luck with your own Momoi hunting, and please please email me any additional details you may find about this release.

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August 30, 2005

I was a TVO kid

I was raised from in Canada from 4 until about 10 or 11, so like most young Canadians out there, I grew up with primarily two essential channels. TVO and YTV. Today, I saw the opening video for Today's Special, and it brought back many memories I thought I had lost. I want to revisit them now for my own purposes.

YTV first:

note: I wrote this while in an excited/tired state at 2:00AM, so I am in no mood to care about grammar or punctuation or whatever. I will not be proofreading this or revising, since I wrote this for myself and don't expect anyone else to actually read it.

While YTV had interesting programming, it was always the live action segments in between that were the most fun. As a child, seeing the PJs always made me happy, somehow. They were a constant. They were always there, and having fun, and they seemed to be the one absolute proof that adults could have fun lives. I had fun watching them. It didn't occur to me that they were actors or poor struggling college students trying to earn a paycheck on children's I believed that they actually and truly did live in some huge treehouse, talk with puppets, and watch cartoons all day. I still remember three names: PJ Phil, PJ Jenn (who betrayed us all and jumped ship to host the saturday morining lineup on ABC!), and PJ Allison. I was also old enough to remember the much hyped "Warren Day," when that green fuzzball took over the network. Aside from those memorable live action segments, they mostly played anime, heavily edited French and American cartoons, and some other stuff that I can't remember ( There was some show about a guy named Lupin. It may have been french. It has nothing to do with the anime by Monkey Punch. There was also show about robots, and one of them was called Ninjas and he had Bruce Lee or some other guy's spirit programmed into him, and for the life of me, I can't remember the title.)

Anyway, what I wanted to get at was, while YTV was good, TVO was better because it was mostly live action, and those kinds of shows created memories that stuck with me. Later on in the 90s, they also started one of those afternoon "host" lineup thingies. There was a white woman with long brown hair, and a tall black guy with short hair or perhaps bald. I have completely forgotten their names, but I do remember them telling me everyday to "call 1-888-TVO-KIDS." It may be nostalgia talking, but I think these types of shows, along with their host-lineup format, were worlds better than the utter garbage Nickalodeon plays today. If they ever sold DVDs of these, you bet I would buy them up right away, because they were totally awesome. What the hell is today's programming? Wild Thornberries, Rugrats, CatDog, Hey Arnold? It hurts my head thinking about it.

Among the best of the best of the old TVO shows:
Join In! (Zack, Jacob, and Nikki live together in some apartment and do stuff. It was fun.)
Art Attack (This got me interested in art. In retrospect, Niel's arts and crafts projects were always impossibly hard for any 8 year old to do well..but at least he got me trying.)
Today's Special (I remember this being my favorite goddamn show on TV ever when I was 5 years old. I still remember the episode with Sam doing chinups.)
Eureeka's Castle (Nobody I know remembers this show. Nobody.)
Ghost Writer (I used to think this was good but now I realize it kind of sucks).
How do you do? (Technically not a children's show. It was actually a series designed to teach English to foreigners. But it had a cool robot who looked like the Tin Man, and the skits where he learns to be human are hilarious.)
Inquiring Minds (Yes, inquiring minds want to know.)
Lamb Chop's Play Along (I used to watch this for hours on end when I was sick, because TVO would play this for hours on end)
Pingu (coolest claymation show ever. ever. Really, no claymation has ever topped this, not even Wallace and Gromit)
The Elephant Show (The only name I can remember is Bram, but everybody on this show was cool..especially Eric, which leads us to:)
The Eric Show (I think this only lasted one season, but in the pilot episode, Eric had managed to improvse "I need to go to the bathroom" lyrics into his song that had me rolling.)
Polka Dot Door (For some reason this was always intensely interesting, but now I realize it must have been totally boring for my parents. It is definitely the kind of show you could watch on acid though; then it would be the best show ever.)

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August 26, 2005


Today, I learned of Halko's brand new single WONDER MOMOI. Slated for release on October 19, it is yet another collaboration work between Momoi Halko and Manzo (they might as well stop beating around the bush and just officially form UNDER17 II together). The song is one of many for NAMCO's "Taiko no Tatsujin Tobikkiri! Animation Special" released earlier this month, from a series we english-speaking folk may recognize as "Taiko Drum Master!"

If you are looking to pre-order like I did, its catalogue number is COCC-15804. Happy Hunting. More details as they develop.

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August 24, 2005

Majokko Tsukune-chan Vol.1 out

Well there's some good news today.

The disembodied floating head of Tsukune-chanFirst things first: Majokko Tsukune-chan, volume 1 of an intended 6, is now on sale. The magical girl gag OVA from XEBEC, directed by Hiro Sakurai, stars our favorite voice actress in the leading role: Cute little Tsukune-chan. Story synopsis pending.

Momoi is also involved in the creation of the OVA's ending theme, hilariously titled "Frying Machine." You may download the mp3 here. Fellow Halko fan Longhorn has a nice promotional PV up on his site, so you may want to check that out.

Read more about this series and others at Starchild's website

Second bit of good news: The Bottle Fairy PC game, which we all heard about way back in March 2004, is finally announced to be released on September 9th, 2005. In this game, you basically play the role of sensei-san and bring the fairies with you on your shoulder/in your bag/up your ass while you work on daily mundane things and go places. Before you lose all faith in humanity, let me remind you it is NOT an H-game so there is no need to weep in the corner at the thought of your beloved Chiriri/Hororo being violated with Q-tips or anything like that. Heh. Too bad it costs a fucking fortune, and there is not one mention of Tama-chan in the game details. We can only hope.

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August 8, 2005

Thugging out with DJ Momo-i

Ha. Before you kill me for that horrible horrible title, let me assure you: I am not being kidding. I offer this photo as evidence.
As you can see, she has been quite the busy bee lately. Clothingwise, I think I've seen more variety in her wardrobe these few months than during her entire three year run with UNDER17. Personally, if my ideal Momoi tried to go "hip," we'd see some cute knitted-cap action, but hay a baseball cap is almost as cool.

In these photos, "DJ Momo-i" is doing a show for Uchimizu Taisaku Ikusa 2005 in Akihabara. According to, uchimizu is an organized effort in Japan to combat global warming. Supposedly, when you get a lot of people to collect water and pour it onto the roads or whatever, you can make the summer heat go away. However, there is also music, cosplay, and anime involved. Why? Because in Akihabara, everything is an excuse to involve music, cosplay, and anime. Never ever hold a funeral there.

Heil! While I'm not sure what Momoi's exact role is in this whole festival (other than DJ, obviously), a quick blurb from tells us about some collaboration with Perfume to promote some anime. There is plenty of information on geek's blog about this whole thing, but sadly my comprehension is shit and I have no idea what he/she/they are saying. There are a LOT of nice pictures though (the pics I have here are just cropped versions of the huge full ones there), so it's worth browsing. For now, that's all that really matters. This event only took place hours ago, and hopefully I will have some more information about it in the following days as I read through that site a bit more thoroughly. Meanwhile, here is Momoi, oops sorry I mean "DJ Momo-i," saluting her loyal otaku drones.

Seeing those headphones wrapped around her ninja style is so funny. Now I want to see Momoi go full blown commando, complete with kevlar bodysuit and balaclava. At this rate, maybe one day I will. Meanwhile, I shall keep myself amused with this:


XD. In other news, Sukumizu 2 just became available for pre-order. Release is slated for September 22, 2005. There is no cover art yet on any of the sites I've checked, but I will keep up the watch for english speaking Momoi fans out there :)

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August 4, 2005

Komugi Magikarte Z, vol. 2 confirmed

Nurse Witch KomugiWe can all breathe easy now. After many months of waiting and worst-case-scenario speculation, I see that the release date is finally announced. Volume 2 of Komugi Magikarte Z, the sequel OVA series to the successful 5.5-episode "Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte," will be on sale September 22. The limited edition DVD will retail for 6090yen and contain a new episode, along with a booklet and CD as bonuses. It is possible that sneak a figure in too, considering they have done this in the past.

According to the official Komugi fansite,, the episode will be broadcasted first on AnimeTV on August 20th at midnight.

Both Komugi series, with characters taken from another popular anime called "The Soultaker," revolve around Komugi Nakahara, a young cosplay idol who is granted magical powers to transform into a fighting nurse/witch. They are complete departures from the "serious" mood of their parent anime, and instead opt for more ridiculous plot points and parodies. Episodes feature cosplay battles between Komugi, large-breasted maids, convention centers turned giant robots, 2ch ascii art, overweight anime producers gone pro-wrestling, and other similarly odd enemies. Notable voice talent include Halko Momoi (do I have to explain who she is?) as Komugi, Yuji Ueda (the guy who's in everything) as her fluffy sidekick, and Ikue Ohtani (She's Pikachu ya know?) as rival Koyori. The character designs are by Poyoyon Rock (Akio Watanabe), who had reportedly modeled Komugi specifically after Momoi.

Stateside, ADVFilms has licensed both Soultaker and Nurse Witch Komugi-chan Magikarte. Magikarte Z has yet to be picked up by any company here. Hopefully we will see some news soon. Meanwhile, I will be out another 60bux ;_;

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