September 24, 2005

Densha Otoko is over

I've finally watched the last episode of Densha Otoko. My reactions are pretty much demonstrated by this guy:
BenoistBENOIIIIIIIIIIISSST! I wrote a longer sentimental comment in ADTRW which I don't feel comfortable sharing on my site, but yeah...the general gist of it was that I cried like a little girl. Please please please watch this show for the good of humanity. When you see this horrible group of outcasts band together, it is such a good feeling Your faith in people will be restored.

Second, let us discuss Akiba-Ou Senshuken. Thanks to a particular goon, many of us have managed to see this gem in Japanese television: a quest to become Akiba King! This thing is seriously funny and also often infuriating (jealousy at awesome prizes). Where else do you see a bunch of otaku fighting each other to get to the top of a greasy slide, for a Rei figure and a chance to match sound clips to seiyuu? Except the best part of this was OMG SURPRISE APPEARANCE BY ACTUAL SEIYUU!
Inoue Kikuko surprise appearance
INOUE KIKUKO, DOES SHE TRULY UNDERSTAND WHAT'S GOING ON THROUGH THIS MAN'S MIND? Appearances were also made by Aya Hisakawa and Ai Shimizu. In the final runs of the first round, where the one to make it up to the slide got to stand next to her, the look of determination when the hardcore Ai Shimizu otaku was really something. He did manage to scramble up, and Ms. Shimizu gave him a personalized call message recorded on his cellphone as a prize.

Next up, they go to various Akiba maid cafes where they do a variety of things. Maid cafes, if you are not familiar with them, are basically restaurants where the waitresses dress up in maid costumes, call you goshujinsama, and fulfill your horrible anime maid fantasies. Sounds pretty seedy like a maid whorehouse, but actually it's kind of cute and relatively innocent considering the clientele are basically nerds. They will also call you oniichan if you ask them to.
Maids at a maid cafe
In one challenge, they had to identify the incorrect part of 5 maid uniforms. Only cosplay otaku got it right. Later, an even harder challenge involved them sampling random drinks and then trying to find which maid cafe it came from. Only two otaku made it to the final round.

The final round involved giving random girls a "moe" makeover. The two finalists drew numbers from a box, and matched them to the corresponding girl. The winner would be the one who could make their assigned girl the cutest.

One guy got pretty lucky with an easy task.

The other did not.
Really Hard

However, the guy stuck with ganguro girl happened to be cosplay expert otaku, and he ended up doing a pretty decent job with her. Linked in case you plan on watching this and do not want to spoil it. The results from the other guy were pretty weird too. He knew people would be less impressed at his transformation compared to making over a fucking GANGURO, so he had to go overboard on his girl. We ended up getting to see his creation, a "nekomimi meido imouto." Wow.

Definitely a lot of fun, and also very educational for aspiring otaku. If you have ever called yourself otaku proudly, seriously, most likely you are just an attention-whoring moron that most people hate. You do not deserve the prestigious title of otaku until you can match up to even half of some of these guys. Ai Shimizu otaku was hardcore man. In the invade your room" part, he did the concert dance without even looking! And next time, ask you have Marimite costumes in your closet? Because they do.
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