October 23, 2005

Interview with the Akihabara Queen

It seems my cries about horrendous weight loss were a wasted effort. Momoi looks as healthy as ever in her brand new interview feature on Excite's Anime Seiyuu Jouhou Portal.

The "Akihabara Queen" discusses her fears after the UNDER17 breakup, her struggle with confidence while she grew as a solo artist, her opinion on "moe", her current direction (We can all rest easy. Momoi will never stray from the denpa song), and her latest achievement, WONDERMOMOI. There are several hilariously cute and sappy moments where she has such passionate and idealistic answers you can just imagine her delivering her lines as some noble monologue with a raging ocean/rock backdrop.
Momoi holding a copy of her new CD
Here she is, cute as ever (I'll write off the cover pic as a case of makeup/lighting/airbrushing) in her signature CD holding pose. Seriously, she should just copyright this pose.
Sonic AdventureMail MeWonder Momoi

Read the full interview at Excite.co.jp

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October 19, 2005

Sale date for Wonder Momoi

Wonder Momoi shipped
Should arrive in a week.

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October 17, 2005

To Heart 2

I am going to watch this because I watch shitty uninspired anime based off gal games and like it. Or, I am going to watch this because the PS2 OP is awesome.

Or, I should really be studying for my accounting midterm that I have in 15 minutes.
Funky Cat Maybe

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October 16, 2005

Komugi is done.

Ugh two obituaries this week. Well this one is a little late, but I didn't check until today. This is because after watching Komugi Z episode 2, I had an uneasy feeling. That is...too much stuff happened. Closure stuff. It felt like a series finale. Sadly I was right.

Halko has confirmed that the Komugi series is done. Finished. There will be no more Komugi OVA, radio dramas, anything. She had fun with the series, and is now moving on. She also wrote about it on October 7th in momoi.com but I didn't want to believe it. Momoi tearMomoi tearMomoi tear

Komugi cast
Thanks for the good time.

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October 14, 2005

Komugi Z needs to be subbed!

Since absolutely nobody in the world appears to be subbing Komugi Z, I decided to just cave in and watch the raw. They went to town on this one. Pokes fun at everything from fanboys to virus video games. There was also a hilarious gattai scene with copyrighted characters that were cleverly censored.
Koyori-chan backstoryKomugi Fanboys
I for one am glad to see this OVA picking up the pace again to match the hilarity of the original Komugi series after a somewhat dull first episode. More screens below.

Smelly otakuSmelly otaku
Hahaha, signing the shirt for a putrid otaku. Who then sniffs her signature.
Molesting otakuMolesting otakuMolesting otaku
What a horrible feeling to be an idol. The look of disgust is perfect.
Business manSM OtakuSM OtakuKomugi does what she can to please the fans. Here she is catering to the masochists.
SweatdropKomugi tiredDressing room
Indian guyKennyAnimator
Some more screens. Koyori unleashes virus on unsuspecting computer users. Oh look, it's Dokuro-chan!
Hungry manKyosuke and Komugi
Komugi's secret identity is revealed to Kyosuke.
I have no ideaKoyori PunchKermit?
The humor in the second screenshot is lost in image form.
Dumbo?Some girl who appears on Japanese snacks, I think? I don't really know.Combined formCombine!
Puyopuyo VirusEvil KomugisMoeee
I cannot stress the awesomeness of how Komugi defeats the Puyopuyo virii.
SweatdropSakura is mad.Bonus PointBona-su pointo.

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October 13, 2005

More Wonder Momoi anticipation

Only 6 more days until Wonder Momoi is on sale. Here is a shot of the cover. WONDER-MOMO COSPLAY! BRILLIANT!
Wonder Momoi cover


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October 6, 2005

Aria 1

Aria the animation has started airing in Japan. It is based on the manga created by Kozue Amano about a native Earth girl, Akari, who is starting a new life on Mars as a gondolier. Aria is one of my favorite manga, because it is just so laid back and all about enjoying new experiences. It also reads a lot like a travel guide for famous or unique areas in the world today. I am looking forward to seeing this show and how the directors can translate the calm and peaceful feeling of the manga to animation. I wonder if they'll keep all the cute super-deform moments.

Chiwa Saito and Tomoko Kawakami are also good reasons to watch this show.

Official Aria Website
Aria Company

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October 4, 2005

Wonder Momoi countdown

Halko MomoiHello friends. I am here again with some good Halko news. WONDER MOMOI release is only two weeks away. The cover art is still undecided, but we are fortunate enough to have something even better to satisfy our curiosity until release date. Despite not updating her website for over a month, Halko Momoi is still very much alive and still keeps fans up to date on her radio show instead. Last weekend on URAMOMOI, she gave us a preview of the upcoming single! I finally found some time today to check it out, and if you don't already listen to URAMOMOI then here is your chance to do the same:

WONDER MOMOI, Uramomoi version.

This song caused my brain to explode. This song exhibits what made me a Halko Momoi fan in the first place, before I even knew what she looked like or became entranced in her moe-moe mannerisms: the voice talent! She frigging changes modes mid-song and goes from one spectrum allll the way to the other. It's almost like there are two people singing. In fact, to someone who hasn't listened to her a lot they probably thought there WERE two different people singing. I was already on the edge of cracking when she starts going "rabu rabu momoi", but when she just shifts from hypercute and goes all opera-style near the end, I just lost it and started hooting. This single is gonna be good. So so good. ~Wowowowonder Momomomoi~

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October 2, 2005

A wise man once said

1000 cranes
1000 cranes
4 hours of work right there. Thumbs sore. Taking it easy.

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October 2, 2005

NJTransit sucks

What the fuck is this "no buses on Sundays" shit? In short, I was not able to see Yoko Ishida today. Now I am going to go cut myself. Or play more Katamari. Bye.

(Luckily it was ONLY Yoko Ishida and not Halko...although if it were Halko, I suppose would not even be having this problem because I'd have camped out the day before)

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October 1, 2005

I've Girls Compilation 6

I've Girls Compilation Album, CollectiveWhy yes, despite all my Momoi love, I AM still partially an "I've" fanboy, so I have not forgotten about them. I haven't written about them much lately, but that's because it's been a while since "I've" last released something big. Now is finally that time.

A little background: I've stands for "I love, I live, I leave" and was founded by Kazuya Takase in 1998. Like UNDER17, their gimmick was to generally make G-rated songs for, well, X-rated games - with the exception of MIKI's "FUCK ME" - where the hell did that come? They also do a lot of trance work independently, although you can often hear instances where their trance influences their pop. Recently, their songs have gotten a more serious and harder feel. According to Lina, some duded named Yasutaka Ippoushi was also involved but I have never heard any of his work under any I've label EVER so I can only assume he dropped off before it was formed.

"I've"'s success is mostly thanks to a single singer, KOTOKO (Totally understable - she is the best :heart:), whose explosion of popularity earned "I've" much well deserved recognition. However, "I've" has actually had many many singers including AKI (runnerup for best, but sadly appears to have disappeared from the face of the earth), Kaori Utatsuki (lol replacement AKI. Cute, but AKI is a tough act to follow), Eiko Shimamiya, SHIHO, Mami Kawada (new runnerup after the realization set in that AKI is probably not coming back), MELL, MOMO, LIA (who is now part of Key), and a few others. They have even made songs for Hiromi Sato and Marina Ohno. The singer talent is rather varied, but voice talent doesn't matter because the music is almost always good.

Why? I'VE's true value is in the composers, who make the awesome JPOP/trance beats. Kazuya Takase and Tomoyuki Nakazawa are absolutely insane. You can always rely on them to come out with something ridiculously addictive no matter what. Even their solid trance outshines most of the others. For me, they are the two most important members of I've. The only I've member that can even come close is C.G. Mix. Seriously, how the hell do they come up with some of these tunes?? Atsuhiko Nakatsubo (FISHTONE) is also responsible for several gems but he tends to pull out turds way too frequently to receive the same amount of adulation. For a more complete guide to I've, you should check out http://www.ivesound.jp/ which happens to be the absolute best I've website out there, period. Even if you can't read the moonspeak, it is probably more useful than some random blog (such as this one :p) or any outdated low-content pitiful poorly written english fanpage (also such as this one if, say, you swapped 'Momoi' with 'I've' :p).

Anyway, they released I've Girls Compilation 6 yesterday. I have managed to obtain a copy through Winny, but I have yet to listen to it, so I will hold off my review until I get around that. I believe there is also a torrent on TokyoTosho if you look hard enough. Currently, there is no way to import a real copy of this, because Amazon.jp decided to list it as software (just like all the 5 previous compliations before) and their crazy restrictions mean software doesn't ship overseas. They did this with AkibaPop too, and it is one of the little things that Amazon likes to do for the sole purpose, I think, of being annoying and also because they enjoy the feeling of losing out on potential customers. Somebody please drop a comment if you know another place that will ship this to the U.S. at a REASONABLE PRICE.

Here is a link so you can look at it with envy.

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