November 30, 2005

YURIA has finally won me over.

Yuria awesomeness over time chart

This graph is actually rather misleading, as YURIA has always been awesome. Instead, the low points only indicate the time when I myself was TOO STUPID and TOO DEAF to know it was so. I have since been enlightened.

I had heard this song before when randoming through my mp3s, but I never bothered to really pay attention to the voice or who was singing. Today I randomed to it again, but thanks to Shuffle I became fully aware of this song's quality. (Thought process: "Hmm whoever sings this sounds strangely like the actress for Ama Shigure, who I really really love the voice work for. Hey this song is pretty good now that I am listening to it. And I love that voice, let's check the tags: wait..this is Yuria? Hold on, now let me check the Shuffle staff listing...*click*...AAAAAHHH YURIAAAAA!!!") Yuria really is at her best when she does the whiny, ditzy, yet somehow mind-meltingly cute high pitched voice. She also seems to have slight pronounciation quirk on certain consonants and vowels that I can't pin down or describe, but I know I can't get enough of it.

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November 18, 2005

Rozen Maiden ~traumend~

I finally watched Rozen Maiden like I said I would, and now I'm moving on to season two and enjoying it immensely.

Hina Ichigo is an adorable darling:
Hina Ichigo chuuu

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November 6, 2005

Wonder Momoi 1st Press Hidden Bonus

I got my CDs in yesterday in a suspiciously large box. Imagine my surprise when..OMG GIANT WONDER MOMOI POSTER INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE!! An excellent bonus indeed. This revelation was followed by several minutes of frantic screaming and praises of Nakid, and possibly a backflip (which I never knew I could do). This is most likely a limited offering though, so if you're feeling lucky, order it now and maybe you'll get a poster too. Or not. Once again emphasizing the importance of always preordering.

Update: camera fixed, image uploaded:
Momoi and Kotoko posters

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November 2, 2005

Wonder Momoi tour kicks off

A schedule of performances and locations can be found here.

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