December 19, 2005

Another article on WONDERMOMO-I

New featured report on the closing act of the Wondermomoi live tour at Shibuya O-East on November 20th. It is a very positive review, and makes several comments about the rowdiness of the audience. As we all know from the previous concerts, Halko's audience can get pretty insane at times, chanting and waving their glowsticks in scarily perfect rhythm to the songs. Apparently this has not subsided with the passing of UNDER17. Fear the power of the Japanese hive mind, and Halko's ability to control it.

OngakuDB Link

After all this coverage in only a few days since the announcement, I for one cannot fucking wait for this DVD to come out.

Also I really should be studying for my accounting exam in 3 hours instead of writing this.

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December 14, 2005

WONDER MOMO-i Live Tour Report 2005

I said I wasn't going to make any more updates until exams were over, but screw that. Fast update because it's a really great development:: a detailed report of Wonder Momo-i with many wonderful photos has been covered. This kind of promotion further cements the idea that Wonder Momo-i DVD WILL be available to import overseas.

Based on the pictures, this is looking to be the best concert EVER. Tondol Baby costume LIVE?? <3

Also, it appears that Momoi has adopted the look of "Tsukune-chan" as her character representation in manga. It fits perfectly, and I love it. I always suspected Tsukune-chan's look was directly inspired from Halko anyway. Artists everywhere now have an actual character model to insert into their fan fiction :)

Read the full report at

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December 6, 2005

Oh Saber

The figures have begun arriving. Today's mail:
Saber figure, angle 1
Saber figure, angle 2
Saber figure, angle 3
Saber figure, angle 4
Ohhhh yeaaahhhh..

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