December 30, 2005


Ok, the ski trip was cool and all that and I have a couple of bruises here and there to show for my incredibly fun and competitive crashing (my amazing ability fo hit trees is literally stunning)...but that's not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is what it was like in those 8+ hours crammed in a car driving to and from our vacation spot. Should be boring right? NO! Because I was playing my NINTENDO DS!

Now the fastest selling handheld ever in Japan, the DS is hands-down the best value I have gotten for any game system ever. Here's why: Phoenix Wright, Mario Kart, Trauma Center.

While most companies enjoy ripping you off with $50 titles, these three games are 29.99 each yet they provide a handheld gaming experience that may top even that provided by the latest consoles. Initially I bought these to give me something to do on my long commutes to NYC every play on the bus; instead I find myself playing my DS more than my PS2 even at home. That's because it's INNOVATIVE. What about PSP? Sure I love playing ported PS1 and PS2 games that I probably already own... Xbox 360 oh ok so I'm just playing regular XBox games with better graphics. But with a DS, you actually use a stylus to invoke a new dimension of interactive gaming. That sounds suspiciously like a line from Nintendo's marketing, but amazingly this time, marketing's "outrageous" claims hold water. Dual screen is not a gimmick system, and the touch-screen adds true value.

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December 23, 2005

Ski Trip + Visiting Niagara Falls

Going back to visit Canada for the break. 7 days without internets..oh god all the torrent I will miss!

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December 19, 2005

Another article on WONDERMOMO-I

New featured report on the closing act of the Wondermomoi live tour at Shibuya O-East on November 20th. It is a very positive review, and makes several comments about the rowdiness of the audience. As we all know from the previous concerts, Halko's audience can get pretty insane at times, chanting and waving their glowsticks in scarily perfect rhythm to the songs. Apparently this has not subsided with the passing of UNDER17. Fear the power of the Japanese hive mind, and Halko's ability to control it.

OngakuDB Link

After all this coverage in only a few days since the announcement, I for one cannot fucking wait for this DVD to come out.

Also I really should be studying for my accounting exam in 3 hours instead of writing this.

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December 14, 2005

WONDER MOMO-i Live Tour Report 2005

I said I wasn't going to make any more updates until exams were over, but screw that. Fast update because it's a really great development:: a detailed report of Wonder Momo-i with many wonderful photos has been covered. This kind of promotion further cements the idea that Wonder Momo-i DVD WILL be available to import overseas.

Based on the pictures, this is looking to be the best concert EVER. Tondol Baby costume LIVE?? <3

Also, it appears that Momoi has adopted the look of "Tsukune-chan" as her character representation in manga. It fits perfectly, and I love it. I always suspected Tsukune-chan's look was directly inspired from Halko anyway. Artists everywhere now have an actual character model to insert into their fan fiction :)

Read the full report at

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December 14, 2005


Halko Momoi is now 28 years old. Congratulations! Fun fact, she shares the same birthday as 16th century French astrologer Nostradamus. I couldn't send in a gift, so I made up for it with reckless spending of my life savings on Momoi related products instead.
I have exams this month, so I don't have that much time to spend on making updates,'s a quick look at some current info:

1. WONDERMOMOI Live Tour DVD release confirmed on nakid two days ago on Nakid. Preliminary order through fanclub mailing lists. Details will be posted on nakid at a later date. I am also aware that a commercial has been released, although I have not located it on the internet. This is looking to possibly be a major release, and will be distributed to overseas carriers, unlike Akihabalove (goddamit! Momoi tear). This is very good news.

2. Momoi will be making her second trip to Taiwan to attend FancyFrontier 7 in February. Taiwanese friends, help me out! Must buy things...

3. Apparently, Wonder Momoi is a really really hard song to play in Taiko Drum Master. Advanced.

That's all for now. Finals begin tomorrow and last until the 23rd. See you in two weeks.

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December 6, 2005

Oh Saber

The figures have begun arriving. Today's mail:
Saber figure, angle 1
Saber figure, angle 2
Saber figure, angle 3
Saber figure, angle 4
Ohhhh yeaaahhhh..

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December 5, 2005

Red DS

Red DS Bundle Pack
I finally went out and got an Nintendo DS, taking advantage of the extremely hot bundle package released last week. The red DS looks so awesome, and they give you little decals you can stick on.
Red DS shut
I briefly considered throwing some of my UNDER17 stickers on there, but decided I was going to be conservative with such rare items. With the amount of play this will get, the decals will probably wear away in months anyway. But for now, it looks good.
Red DS open
Mario Kart has been a lot of fun for the past two days, and I almost feel like I have gained back enough of my skill to play competitively online. If you'd like to have a match, my friend code is: 090254 925654
For now, I can only play during weekdays though, since I have to jack a public connection on campus until I recover more funds to buy my own wifi adapter.

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December 1, 2005

Keeping with the times.

Christmas Momoi
SA Forums custom title updated to reflect the season. Also, watch out for Momoi's birthday, which is coming up the 14th.

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