February 14, 2006

I don't rank anime, I rank seiyuu

If you tend to watch more anime than is considered acceptable by society in general, you have probably created your own lists ranking your favorite shows. Similarly, I do the same thing, except with seiyuu. You could say I have more interest in voices than production quality when any given show is aired.

Today, I finished reviewing all the 2005 anime series that I planned to watch. Now I can post updated seiyuu rankings factoring in the new performances last year. These are descending order of quality. Keep in my that these are highly subjective, and I use a variety of arbitrary ranking criteria (see the excel spreadsheet if you are curious). Also note that being on the bottom of this list does not indicate poor performance, since I am after all ranking BEST 30 out of all voice actors I have heard. Names that are bolded did outstandingly well this year and will probably deserve some sort of additional feature writeup at a later time.

The list - top 30 female seiyuu, year end 2005:

01. Momoi Haruko
02. Ohtani Ikue
03. Kawasumi Ayako
04. Orikasa Fumiko
05. Inoue Kikuko
06. Itou Miki
07. Horie Yui
08. Nabatame Hitomi
09. Hisakawa Aya
10. Itou Shizuka
11. Koyama Kimiko
12. Tamura Yukari
13. Nogawa Sakura
14. Kugimiya Rie
15. Matsuoka Yuki
16. Mizuki Nana
17. Kawakami Tomoko
18. Minami Omi
19. Tokunaga Ai
20. Saito Chiwa
21. Yukino Satsuki
22. Nonaka Ai
23. Shimizu Ai
24. Kadowaki Mai
25. Arai Satomi
26. Ohara Sayaka
27. Hirohashi Ryou
28. Noda Junko
29. Kurata Masayo
30. Tanaka Rie

Posted by Paranda at February 14, 2006 5:15 PM


momoi haruko is stupid and weird
in animelo 2008, she sang like a big man at one time
she scared me :(

Posted by: BĂ©vue at February 27, 2010 8:54 PM

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