March 29, 2006

Wonder-Momo-i DVD and Mami Kawada's SEED out today.

Mami Kawada's new album: Seed
Well Momoi's DVD is finally out. Let's see if I preordered early enough to get in on the limited extras or not. There's not much new to report yet that I haven't already said in my previous anticipation posts, but in the coming days I will be scouring the blogs of Japanese fans who bought it for some reactions and information.

Regarding today's second significant artist release: Mami Kawada is the second I'VE singer to to catch a big break, having signed on with Geneon last year and released several singles. Her first album, Seed, came out today. I unfortunately did not know about this album release soon enough to have packed it together with my Wonder Momo-i DVD which shipped this morning. Earlier in the month, Mami also announced her first Live Tour in Japan which will begin in May. Advance tickets were made available through ThreeNine.

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March 28, 2006

A mystery is solved...

If you've ever watched any Halko concerts, you may have wondered at some point how the hell the audience is so well coordinated with their movements and chants - I know I certainly did. You may have wondered what the differences between concert versions of songs were, or maybe wanted to know the exact words the fans always sang during the opening of Ichigo Go! Go!

The UNDER17 Live Tour, Soshite Densetsu Yokohama Blitz Commemoration Booklet explains it all. Probably the most comprehensive UNDER17 Live event guide ever compiled, this 68 page manual contains extremely detailed information about every live UNDER17 song performance, including lyrics, chanting instructions, clapping instructions, and other fun information, possibly assembled from flyers distributed during concert.

Since it is now in my possession, I used my lunch break at school today to scan the entire thing. Thanks to this book, the next time you hear Ichigo Go! Go!, you too can sing

"Moe moe songu ni misararete, Haruko no toriko ni narimashita! 'Ichigo Ichie' ha ichidokiri, minna de sakebou GoGo! GO!"

I bet it'll impress someone...or make you look like a huge nerd.

My apologies in advance for the terrible quality of the first few pages, as it was my first time scanning anything so I didn't start laying it out properly until I got used to the machine. With some 68 pages, I barely finished within the hour I had, with no time to rescan the bad ones. But hey, if you want a good copy, buy the book if you can. If you can get it for under 3000yen, It's worth it. Really!

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March 16, 2006

More WONDER MOMO-I Live Tour Final Release Details

Some more details about the March 29th release of WONDER MOMO-i have been released by Columbia Entertainment.

The full name of the release will be WONDER MOMO-I Live Tour Final [With Backstage]. The full item key is COBC-4519-20 and will cost 5500 yen afer tax. There are some changes compared to the Wonder Momoi Express disc produced by Nakid that came out earlier. Here is the new updated cover compared side by side with the old one:
Columbia CoverNakid Cover

Like the Express DVD, there will be two discs. On this release though, here will also an additional "Momoi commentary" audio track, and bonus Backstage scenes included with the second disc. For the limited first press edition, you will also receive the DVDs in a special collector's box. A poster may or may not be included, but I am unsure at this point in time (it is not listed on the Columbia page but I hear some talk about it). Here is a handwritten message by Momoi about her DVD release.

Again, this is NOT the same as the Express version. If you've preorded from CDJapan, do not fear. They are using the outdated "Express" name, but the item key is correct so it will be the same product.

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March 12, 2006

Suddenly, I realize I have migrated to the Elise camp.


edit: post-2hour-calm-down-period-analysis: Color me shocked - Canvas 2, the series based on a goddamn porno game, has surprisingly good character development. I have actually turned against Kiri - her behavior these past few episodes has been childish and at times downright disgusting. She's really self-serving actually. And this wasn't a sudden turn that goes against all she's done previously either, in fact it was more like a bit by bit revelation that puts all of her actions in the past into a new perspective. Kiri is absolutely terrible and definitely the kind of girl who would charm her prey with her feminine wiles but pull a nasty 180 once she's enslaved him through marriage. If Hiroki goes this route, he's going to regret it at age 30. Elise on the other hand, has matured considerably since the first half of the series and is showing more aspects of her personality and worries. I think I can overlook this cousin incest now because she's really the better person when it comes down to it. Heck at this point, I'd rather have Kana win than Kiri.

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March 11, 2006

GURAGURA on Youtube

Youtube is actually getting pretty popular these days, probably even more than Google Video, and it seems to have every jpop related thing on there, including some UNDER17 videos. Well not to be scooped by other fans, I finally decided to make an account and upload one of my favorite Momoi music videos of all time - GURAGURA! A classic!

Youtube lets you hotlink their videos with some code, but I hate it when people embed huge media files into their blogs, so I am just going to direct you to the URL here:

Go watch it. It's really cute! Especially if you want to see Momoi break out dance moves. Powerglove <3. It gets pretty out of sync though with the audio lagging behind the video by about 3 seconds, probably because Youtube couldn't handle the weird codec but the video is sufficiently large that I do not want to host it on my own server. So let this act as a screener: interested parties message me for a source.

(And yes, I am working on that value appraisal list. Taking a bit more time than I anticipated but should be up in a while)

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March 1, 2006

Firefox, wasting memory like there's no tomorrow.

Today I got a "System is low on virtual memory" warning for the first time ever on my laptop, which happens to have 2GB RAM. I was pretty shocked, since I didn't have much open. A trip to task manager reveals:
Wow thanks for the memory leak.

Uh ok. Wow Firefox decides it needs 1.2 GB of memory all to itself. All I had open was a small plain text page in a tab. Apparently, two days worth of past browsing managed to build up this much waste. Leave it to Firefox to have horrible memory leaks that have not been fixed for years. This disgusted me so much, I'm seriously considering switching to Opera or something else. Maybe even OMG Internet Explorer 7. Surely nothing can be as bad as this??

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