March 28, 2006

A mystery is solved...

If you've ever watched any Halko concerts, you may have wondered at some point how the hell the audience is so well coordinated with their movements and chants - I know I certainly did. You may have wondered what the differences between concert versions of songs were, or maybe wanted to know the exact words the fans always sang during the opening of Ichigo Go! Go!

The UNDER17 Live Tour, Soshite Densetsu Yokohama Blitz Commemoration Booklet explains it all. Probably the most comprehensive UNDER17 Live event guide ever compiled, this 68 page manual contains extremely detailed information about every live UNDER17 song performance, including lyrics, chanting instructions, clapping instructions, and other fun information, possibly assembled from flyers distributed during concert.

Since it is now in my possession, I used my lunch break at school today to scan the entire thing. Thanks to this book, the next time you hear Ichigo Go! Go!, you too can sing

"Moe moe songu ni misararete, Haruko no toriko ni narimashita! 'Ichigo Ichie' ha ichidokiri, minna de sakebou GoGo! GO!"

I bet it'll impress someone...or make you look like a huge nerd.

My apologies in advance for the terrible quality of the first few pages, as it was my first time scanning anything so I didn't start laying it out properly until I got used to the machine. With some 68 pages, I barely finished within the hour I had, with no time to rescan the bad ones. But hey, if you want a good copy, buy the book if you can. If you can get it for under 3000yen, It's worth it. Really!

Posted by Paranda at March 28, 2006 10:08 PM


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