March 16, 2006

More WONDER MOMO-I Live Tour Final Release Details

Some more details about the March 29th release of WONDER MOMO-i have been released by Columbia Entertainment.

The full name of the release will be WONDER MOMO-I Live Tour Final [With Backstage]. The full item key is COBC-4519-20 and will cost 5500 yen afer tax. There are some changes compared to the Wonder Momoi Express disc produced by Nakid that came out earlier. Here is the new updated cover compared side by side with the old one:
Columbia CoverNakid Cover

Like the Express DVD, there will be two discs. On this release though, here will also an additional "Momoi commentary" audio track, and bonus Backstage scenes included with the second disc. For the limited first press edition, you will also receive the DVDs in a special collector's box. A poster may or may not be included, but I am unsure at this point in time (it is not listed on the Columbia page but I hear some talk about it). Here is a handwritten message by Momoi about her DVD release.

Again, this is NOT the same as the Express version. If you've preorded from CDJapan, do not fear. They are using the outdated "Express" name, but the item key is correct so it will be the same product.

Posted by Paranda at March 16, 2006 8:43 PM


Special collector's box!? My god, this day I'm having just keeps getting better and better.

8 more days!

Posted by: Lamu at March 21, 2006 12:15 AM

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