April 28, 2006

Sweets Tankentai first album "NA NA NA" released.

This is a bit late, but hey I had tests.

Sweets Tankentai released their first album earlier this Wednesday. The band features YURIA, Masaya Koike (of UNDER17 fame), and K-SUGI. Release details can be found at Broccoli. It seems like most of it is filled with various OP/ED songs they did in the past year, but there are also some original songs in the mix. Guest artist MOSAIC.WAV is in one of the songs.

Subjectively speaking, I feel it is probably MUCH better than YURIA's first original album released two months ago. Examples of their excellent work can be found in the Canvas 2 OP/ED, which despite the horribly disappointing ending, is still a pretty good show. I suspect my forgiving attitude to this series must be attributed to the hypnotic nature of this music.

Sweets Tankentai ad link

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April 28, 2006

I was so worried I was going to fail my DBMS final

Good thing I got that over with. Now that I've failed it, I don't have to worry anymore.

One more week.

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April 12, 2006

My turn

Wonder Momoi, Heart to Heart, beingNow it's my turn to flaunt this DVD after everyone else already got theirs. Stupid SAL shipping :(. So anyway, the pacakge came after much waiting. Final projects are coming up and I have too much to do this week so I am going to put off comparing this new DVD with the old one until i have more time. A lot more time. Like.."after final exams/start of summer" time. I'll say this though - the extras are a bit disappointing. A single folded sheet as a liner note, with a B&W image on the back? No stickers/booklets/anything? I think they fixed the aspect ratio though, and got rid of the stupid interlacing. That's good at least. More on this later. In addition to Wonder Momo-i DVD, I have also received KOTOKO's new single "being," limited edition version, and Arisa Nakayama's mini album "Heart to Heart." This is significant since I rarely import non KOTOKO/Momoi CDs. Heart to Heart is just that good to be worth getting, so consider it a big deal I guess.

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April 10, 2006

Mebius Ring

A short version of Halko Momoi's new song, Mebius Ring, is now up. It is the opening song for the H-game Sweet Room which will be released April 28th. Information can be found at the game's website (NWS!!!)here(NWS!!!). H-game songs often tend to bring out Momoi's best work, so I'm very glad she doesn't consider herself beyond doing these just yet. It is pretty catchy.

I've ripped an mp3 copy for anyone who wants to throw it on a portable player without WMA support until the full version comes out. Please enjoy.

It is back to studying for me.

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April 3, 2006

Cut scenes have been uploaded

Rumors of scenes cut from the new Wonder Momo-i Live Tour Final DVD disc have been confirmed. DJ Momo-i /Perfume and Manzo solo segments are NOT on the disc. To rectify this situation, I've uploaded several of these cut scenes to Youtube. The source is from the original Express DVD produced by Nakid.

Akihabalove, by Perfume and DJ Momo-i

Nihon Break Kogyo, by Manzo

My Pace Daioh, by Manzo

There are some MCs and additional songs cut too, but since my own copy has not yet arrived I have no idea what exact parts are missing without a side-by-side comparison. Plus, ripping is quite time consuming and I am the lazy type :p

The new DVD, despite being cut, has its merits though. Extras and backstage are included, accurate the earlier report I posted last month. Moetron.com has some nice images of the physical goods.

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