May 31, 2006

Ayako Kawasumi announced as guest at Otakon 06

I now have a real good reason to go. A tier 1 seiyuu! Commence fanboy wanking...

As she is Navy-san. Fucking NAVY-SAN!

Oh and Mahoro, Saber, Yoshida, Ohno, and Sayuri and a bunch of other roles which were all good. We shall conveniently forget about the few shit ones because she is just that awesome to qualify for infinite pardons no matter how terrible the series.

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May 19, 2006

Momoi will be at DreamParty Osaka

Info appeared on Plug's website. Just a heads-up to PantsGoblin who I know is in the area at the time. Lucky bastard you!

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May 4, 2006

3 Habaneros

Pot and Booklet
Boxes and figure
Figure closeup
More figure shots

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May 3, 2006

Major Momoi News Update

Apparently a lot of stuff happened while I've been out for exams. Now that I'm almost done with the semester, it is time for a nice cumulative update.

First, the biggest news: Nakid is gone. "Akiba-kei Queen" Halko Momoi is now under the management of newly formed Plug Entertainment. as of April 1, 2006. Apparently she has been very happy with the move, and promises more frequent updates on new website.
New Momoi Banner

So far, this has been true. The new page reflects an overall step towards involving the fans. It contains much more content than Nakid, and announces all of its news as blog posts which can be tracked. They have also organized many more live events, as well as fully revamped the Fan Club for the better.

New Fanclub Details

The new fanclub fee is 1500yen admission with 3000yen annual payment.
Members receive the following benefits:

  • A membership card with your name filled in by Momoi herself.
  • Priority for ticket offers.
  • Access to members-only events.

And more..

First of these members-only events: a fanclub kickoff celebration concert with Momoi on June 11th. Admission is 4000yen, and ticket holders will have an opportunity to request the songs performed.

Mebius Ring released at DreamParty Tokyo 2006

Mebius Ring CDMomoi gave a live performance on stage today for the third year in a row at DreamParty Tokyo, a semiannual event (also held in Osaka) dedicated to erogames, cosplay, maids, and all other things of interest to Akiba-kei. Her latest single, Mebius Ring, was featured. As expected, the CD was released at this event, following the announcement made by Plug last week.

Also among the performers were MOSAIC.WAV. A full list of stage events can be found here. I will follow up on this with photos and possibly the full version of Mebius Ring as they are made available.

If you have not yet heard Mebius Ring at all, you can refer to the short version posted a few pages back.

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