June 15, 2006

New Halko Momoi album release date set for August 9th

Way back in January, I posted a small note about a planned Momoi album. Then it was never discussed again and I forgot about it. So imagine my surprise when Plug announced a release date for "Momo-i quality ~Best of Momoi~", a new compilation album featuring much of her post-UNDER17 work. The album will go on sale August 9th, 2006 for 3000 yen (3150 after tax, which is irrelevant if you are ordering outside of Japan).

Although Momoi may have dropped some hints during her fanclub concert earlier this Sunday, Plug says they will release more details at a later time so there is no official word on goodies or the tracklist yet. However, only hours after the announced release date, CDJapan has listed the product here and promised to include a promo poster if you get the first pressing, so definitely preorder if you want one!

Here's mine:
Momoi order

Also, I finally managed to buy the elusive "Akihabalove" DVD from last summer, so expect some videos making the rounds at Youtube very soon. :)

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June 6, 2006

Better late than never: Mebius Ring

With download as promised.

A full month after its exclusive release at DreamParty, I have finally managed to get my hands on it. No new photos of Momoi are included with the disc unfortunately, but in the few times that I've looped it, I think Mebius Ring is quickly becoming one of my favorite Momoi singles. The full version of the first song may possibly be among the catchiest songs I've ever heard, and I hold this opinion even after I've had plenty of time to break in the melody from listening to the short version. Sweet Suite Room is also a nice slow track with gentle vocals which has been very enjoyable to listen to.

As always with Momoi's music...the fouler the content of the game it was made for, the better the song, as if to balance out the evil with good. If the design is intentional, I can only hope Momoi lends her talents to the OP of any horrible incestous tentacle rape loli guro franchises coming out in the future.

Recent interesting news @ Plug:

More details about the special June 11th fan club [m.m.m.] event at Shibuya O-East. She will be performing the top 10 fan requested songs. If you are in the area but don't have a chance to order tickets, several have appeared on various auction sites for very reasonable prices (some even cheaper than the original price).

The June 2nd issue of "Seiyuu & Anime Song Music Guide" contains a Momoi interview. I will attempt to scan this if I get it.

Various Momoi columns have been published. One title that grabbed my attention was Momoi's Otaku Moe Channel, which is some sort of message to Taiwan (she has performed there at least twice to my knowledge, at Frontier). Definitely worth tracking this one down for some laughs. Bonus points if she inserts her own brand of mangled Chinese like last time.

Massively updated profile page on Plug for Momoi, now with fairly thorough resume.

(Update: July 11th: Mebius Link removed due to pobladores.lycos.es/channels/juegos/El_Paraiso_de_Tifa leeching 4GB in 1 week. I rip and upload this stuff for your personal listening, not so you can put it on myspace or whatever other clones. Host it on your own space if you want to do that.)

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