July 29, 2006

momo-i quality tracklist confirmed, with cover preview

As the release date draws near, the info just keeps pouring in. So here's yet another post:

Dark Momoi
This time the source is official, from Momoi.com and linked to Avex which is producing the CD.


01 Opening -dreaming more! more!- (instrumental)
02 LOVE.EXE -momo-i quality version-
03 mebius ring
04 Adolescence -rainy Taipei version-
05 Hide and seek
06 恋のレシピ
07 フィギュアになりたい -re painted version-
08 ゴー☆ホーム! -Master MIX version-
09 贖罪のラプソディー
10 Far and away ~party night~ -new mix-
11 アキハバラブ -summery summer version-
12 Friendship
13 もっと、夢、見よう!! -Now I feel...version-

An image of Angel Halko and Demon Halko duking it out via energy blasts.
Cover art of momo-i quality

Also some disappointing news: Although there was discussion about the rumored Mail Me PV on various discussion boards, the website makes no such mention, leading me to believe it was at best a rumor. Sorry, we will not be seeing Mail Me this time.

Finally, it seems like I missed this publicity event which took place about a week ago. Momoi has been looking REALLY good this month since she's been running around so much with doing appearance-critical PR events. Also, I've been noticing she and Ai Tokunaga have pretty similar features - with the image on that site only emphasizing this.
Momoi vs. Ai
This is not the best picture to compare with, but it's all I can find of Ai at the moment. Trust me if you look hard enough you'll see it.

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July 29, 2006

Momoi feature in August issue of Anikan

News discovered thanks to longhorn's blogging efforts.

View Anican's announcement

A special feature concerning the upcoming release of momo-i quality. I haven't read the article, but the cover pics are nice. My guess on cosplay was right it seems. The tagline reads "Moe's angel and devil stand off." I think I may need time to recover my senses...

Apparently this is a limited printing of 200,000 copies (is that really limited?) that came out on July 26th. I am unsure but I THINK I remember seeing Asahiya bookstores carrying Anikan magazines. Or was it Kinokuniya, or possibly even Bookoff? In any case, it's due time for a trip to all three stores anway, conveniently located within walking distance of eachother in NYC.

edit: No it was my mind playing tricks on me. Apparently I actually saw it online. Oh well I think I'll go visit Bookoff anyway.

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July 29, 2006

DS Flashing and Momoi Moonshell

Supercard and Superkey
Today I received all the materials I needed to start messing around with some DS Homebrew. With the bulky DS's resell value destroyed (and also my own intentions to buy a DS Lite anyway when better colors come around), I had nothing to lose voiding my warrany and flashing the firmware on my system. And yes, I did get the Supercard MiniSD over the brand new slimmer cards because I just love the completely random Boba Fett image on the front of the card.

Sam and Max on ScummVM
Here is my favorite LucasArts adventure game of all time, Sam and Max, running on ScummVM for DS. I pulled this directly from my Sam and Max CD, with full audio.

Moonshell with Momoi wallpaper
I also took the opportunity to install Moonshell, and gave it the necessary background.

Koi no Milkyway video on DS screen
A quick video test with the Koi no Milkyway PV proved to be successful.

So far I've only used up about 300mb of space on my 1GB card. I'll see what else I can put on this tomorrow.

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July 20, 2006

momo-i quality LIVE IN Stellar Ball 2006

Event Date: August 19, 2006
Ticket Price: 4500 yen
TIcket Sale Date: July 22, 2006
Location: Shinagawa Prince Stellar Ball Room

Major Live Event: Yes
Prospects for DVD release: LIKELY!

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July 17, 2006

momo-i quality updates

We are less than a month away from the release date...it's time to turn on my momoi radar again. New updates for Momoi's first full length non-UNDER17 album, "momo-i quality Best of momoi" are as follows:

New promotional image (possibly for the poster and/or cover):
momo-i quality image
The ever reliable Momoi dons yet another elaborate dress. She seems to be reinventing her look with every new release nowadays. Knowing her, it's probably some sort of cosplay. This is of course a good thing. The outfit gets my thumbs up - she looks good in black. And oh god that hair <3

Track Info
Of the 12 tracks to be on the album, the following 7 tracks have been confirmed by two or more sources. Note, these are not in any sort of order:
Adolescence -rainy Taipei version-
Hide and Seek
Shokuzai no Rhapsody
Go Home -Master MIX version-
Figure ni Naritai -Pre-Painted version-

According to another post on mixi, the other five tracks will be:
Motto, Yume, Miyou!! -bright future next step version-
far and away -partynight-
Akihabalove -BEST Momoi ver-
Space Love

However, this second set has not yet been confirmed (that I know of). As we get nearer to the release, I am sure more details will surface.

Finally, a thirteenth candidate, mebius ring, is also a a high possibility due to its inclusion in the iTunes store announcement on Plug.

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July 3, 2006

Maritan Intensive Language Drill

This lovely package came in today. Inside are full size illustrations, comics, and examples designed to help you have fun learning and speaking like a drill sergeant. Think of it as "Moetan," but only for the colorful style of English supposedly spoken by Marines (or at least what Japan believes it to be spoken by Marines). Of course, by "colorful," I mean hilarious sentences such as "I like you. Come over to my house and fuck my sister."

The pack also includes a voice CD which proved to be the best part (and is real reason I ordered this thing). Ai Tokunaga is cast brilliantly as Maritan, and her engrish inflection is noticeably better than Yukari Tamura. Still, it's scarily good enough to give me great enjoyment, despite being belittled as a subhuman amphibious piece of shit. Ayako Kawasumi, Mai Kadowaki, and Tomoko Kaneda also provide their talents as Navy-san, J-tan, and Army-san, respectively.

Some images. Click to enlarge:
Maritan coverMaritan back cover

Maritan ICE BURNS Navy-san with "lol texas" even though she isn't from Texas. She also supports the Bush administration in hating French "slots."

Pics of the allstar cast. Ayako once again shows she seems to blindly take on any role with no rhyme or reason. Not that I'm complaining.
Seiyuu cast 1Seiyuu cast 2

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July 1, 2006

Gekkostate vinyl stickers.

My set of four arrived today (one for the laptop, one for my current car, and two saved for future use). Eureka 7 fans will probably recognize the logo. These were much bigger than I expected, and feel pretty sturdy. Sheets were custom cut by forum goon stormrider. Overall I am impressed with the quality and I like them so much I may order another sheet the next time he does a batch of these again.

gekkostate sticker sheet
gekkostate laptop

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