July 29, 2006

DS Flashing and Momoi Moonshell

Supercard and Superkey
Today I received all the materials I needed to start messing around with some DS Homebrew. With the bulky DS's resell value destroyed (and also my own intentions to buy a DS Lite anyway when better colors come around), I had nothing to lose voiding my warrany and flashing the firmware on my system. And yes, I did get the Supercard MiniSD over the brand new slimmer cards because I just love the completely random Boba Fett image on the front of the card.

Sam and Max on ScummVM
Here is my favorite LucasArts adventure game of all time, Sam and Max, running on ScummVM for DS. I pulled this directly from my Sam and Max CD, with full audio.

Moonshell with Momoi wallpaper
I also took the opportunity to install Moonshell, and gave it the necessary background.

Koi no Milkyway video on DS screen
A quick video test with the Koi no Milkyway PV proved to be successful.

So far I've only used up about 300mb of space on my 1GB card. I'll see what else I can put on this tomorrow.

Posted by Paranda at July 29, 2006 3:34 AM


Wow sweet! :O Just get the web browser and you will have a powerful piece of equipment! :D I didn't know you could do all that stuff!

Posted by: Anonymous at July 29, 2006 12:36 PM

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