July 29, 2006

Momoi feature in August issue of Anikan

News discovered thanks to longhorn's blogging efforts.

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A special feature concerning the upcoming release of momo-i quality. I haven't read the article, but the cover pics are nice. My guess on cosplay was right it seems. The tagline reads "Moe's angel and devil stand off." I think I may need time to recover my senses...

Apparently this is a limited printing of 200,000 copies (is that really limited?) that came out on July 26th. I am unsure but I THINK I remember seeing Asahiya bookstores carrying Anikan magazines. Or was it Kinokuniya, or possibly even Bookoff? In any case, it's due time for a trip to all three stores anway, conveniently located within walking distance of eachother in NYC.

edit: No it was my mind playing tricks on me. Apparently I actually saw it online. Oh well I think I'll go visit Bookoff anyway.

Posted by Paranda at July 29, 2006 4:17 AM


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