July 29, 2006

momo-i quality tracklist confirmed, with cover preview

As the release date draws near, the info just keeps pouring in. So here's yet another post:

Dark Momoi
This time the source is official, from Momoi.com and linked to Avex which is producing the CD.


01 Opening -dreaming more! more!- (instrumental)
02 LOVE.EXE -momo-i quality version-
03 mebius ring
04 Adolescence -rainy Taipei version-
05 Hide and seek
06 恋のレシピ
07 フィギュアになりたい -re painted version-
08 ゴー☆ホーム! -Master MIX version-
09 贖罪のラプソディー
10 Far and away ~party night~ -new mix-
11 アキハバラブ -summery summer version-
12 Friendship
13 もっと、夢、見よう!! -Now I feel...version-

An image of Angel Halko and Demon Halko duking it out via energy blasts.
Cover art of momo-i quality

Also some disappointing news: Although there was discussion about the rumored Mail Me PV on various discussion boards, the website makes no such mention, leading me to believe it was at best a rumor. Sorry, we will not be seeing Mail Me this time.

Finally, it seems like I missed this publicity event which took place about a week ago. Momoi has been looking REALLY good this month since she's been running around so much with doing appearance-critical PR events. Also, I've been noticing she and Ai Tokunaga have pretty similar features - with the image on that site only emphasizing this.
Momoi vs. Ai
This is not the best picture to compare with, but it's all I can find of Ai at the moment. Trust me if you look hard enough you'll see it.

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Posted by Paranda at July 29, 2006 4:54 AM


In a moment I think both pictures are momoi's. Who is Ai Tokunaga. Is she voice actor?

Posted by: Longhorn at July 29, 2006 10:07 AM

I'm surprised by the track list! Especially Koi no recipe.. I love that song but I am surprised not even a new version? It's been out for a long time. I never heard of "far and away". Definitely looking forward to her version of Akihabalove~ :)

Also note on Avex's page: "Momoi history photobook" :) I believe that's the preorder bonus!

It's funny to see her cd called "Momoi QUALITY" coming from Avex though.. or maybe that's just me!

Posted by: Anonymous at July 29, 2006 12:34 PM

Also I wonder if momoi's ponytail hair style has inspiration from Haruhi! haha

Posted by: Anonymous at July 29, 2006 12:38 PM

longhorn: Yes, Tokunaga is a voice actor. She is the lead in Pixel Maritan and also played Hagino in Canvas 2.

Posted by: Paranda at July 31, 2006 2:10 AM

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