July 17, 2006

momo-i quality updates

We are less than a month away from the release date...it's time to turn on my momoi radar again. New updates for Momoi's first full length non-UNDER17 album, "momo-i quality Best of momoi" are as follows:

New promotional image (possibly for the poster and/or cover):
momo-i quality image
The ever reliable Momoi dons yet another elaborate dress. She seems to be reinventing her look with every new release nowadays. Knowing her, it's probably some sort of cosplay. This is of course a good thing. The outfit gets my thumbs up - she looks good in black. And oh god that hair <3

Track Info
Of the 12 tracks to be on the album, the following 7 tracks have been confirmed by two or more sources. Note, these are not in any sort of order:
Adolescence -rainy Taipei version-
Hide and Seek
Shokuzai no Rhapsody
Go Home -Master MIX version-
Figure ni Naritai -Pre-Painted version-

According to another post on mixi, the other five tracks will be:
Motto, Yume, Miyou!! -bright future next step version-
far and away -partynight-
Akihabalove -BEST Momoi ver-
Space Love

However, this second set has not yet been confirmed (that I know of). As we get nearer to the release, I am sure more details will surface.

Finally, a thirteenth candidate, mebius ring, is also a a high possibility due to its inclusion in the iTunes store announcement on Plug.

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