August 19, 2006

MOSAIC.WAV's first major label single

Kyun Kyun PanicIf you are living outside of Japan like me and have ever tried to buy MOSAIC.WAV, you are probably familiar with how frustrating it can be. Aside from getting lucky in auctions, MOSAIC.WAV albums simply aren't sold anywhere that agrees to ship overseas for a reasonable cost. The individual singles are even more difficult to find, sold usually only instore or at events like Comiket. However, this may soon change. For the first time, online shopping sites like,, and even have all put up MOSAIC.WAV preorder pages for "Kyun Kyun Panic," the ending theme to TV anime Mamotte Lolipop which began broadcasting last month (subs by NnK, although I can't see why anyone sane would possibly want to watch this).

Backed by Lantis, it seems MOSAIC.WAV is finally getting their long deserved first major release, and hopefully not the last. Kyun Kyun Panic will be on sale August 23, 2006.

I forgot to mention, Koike Masaya is in the production credits. Also, here is a tracklisting:

03.キュン・キュン・パニック(off vocal)
04.らりほるらりほ(off vocal)

Now if someone can tell me what the hell "rarihorurariho" is supposed to mean...

Posted by Paranda at August 19, 2006 8:14 PM


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