October 10, 2006

Amenbo's service has seriously deteriorated lately

I don't know what has happened with Amenbo.com. Last year, they were the only store to stock Windows ME-tan figures, and they used to be a pretty good service. However, in the last six months they've screwed up so many times now I'll probably ditch them. They need to fire their shipment processing interns or something.

In June, I ordered a Shuffle Kaede figure from them. Instead they sent me Nerine. I let that slide since Nerine was only slightly cheaper than Kaede and I planned on getting her later anyway, but that was the first hint of problems to come and I probably should have paid attention to the warning signs. I ended up getting Kaede for $40 at Otakon since she was sold out on most online stores.

In August, I placed an order for 6 figures with EMS shipping and paid immediately after with Paypal, as I have always done. For a week I kept getting payment requests in the mail. After 10+ emails to their inquiries department with my payment confirmation number trying to show them I had ALREADY paid. As the weeks passed and the paypal dispute deadline came around, I threatened to retract my payment, so they finally confirm and ship. Except they shipped to a completely wrong address in the wrong state. My package ended up somewhere in the Midwest; I live on the East Coast. Another 10+ emails and another 1 weeks later, they finally resend to the right address. There was no "Sorry we screwed up so badly" consolation coupon. At the very least they should have reimbursed my EMS shipping costs. This month delay essentially negated the EXPRESS part of EMS. Oh well, I got what I wanted and I was too tired to bitch any further.

At this point, I should have decided to stop using them, but hey I had racked up $30 worth of points with them in the past and I thought it would be unlikely they messed up again on my account. I mean it was just by chance right? Sheer bad luck combined with bad timing right? So I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. Seeking to avoid the paypal confirmation disaster, I ordered 3 figures and paid with credit card this time so they could charge me directly. Everything seemed normal when they confirmed shipping only a day later on October 6th and sent me a tracking number. Since EMS typically arrives in 3-4 days, I decided check on the shipping status of my item today.

"Your item number is not found. Confirm your item number and ask at your local post office."

I copied and pasted my tracking number a few times and even typed it in manually to make sure there wasn't some sort of character glitch. Nothing. So Amenbo sent me a fake tracking number? Where the hell is my package?

I've just sent Amenbo.com another inquiry. This is basically the last straw. If it turns into the 10+ email with week-long delay nightmare like last time, I guess I'm through with them for good, even if I do have to sacrifice those shopper points (I can't use them yet).

By contrast, HLJ, Hobby Search, and CDJapan have never screwed up my orders so far. Amenbo is the first one I've run into problems with. Normally I wouldn't care as long as they get things sorted out eventually, but I figure the frequency of the mistakes here are too high to be just regular bad luck. Maybe I sent too many complaints last time so they blacklisted my account to get intentionally shitty service, or maybe they just have zero quality control with regards to order processing. Who knows, but here's just a warning to others who might use Amenbo for their figure collecting purposes.

Updated: I got a response back fairly quickly this time. Turns out they had set up my shipment but during packing procedures they noticed my Windows XP-tan box was pretty damaged so they cancelled the shipping to replace it. I got my new tracking number and all is fine now.

Posted by Paranda at October 10, 2006 1:07 PM


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