October 25, 2006

Lovedol episode 3

Boy these posts just keep getting later and later don't they? Pretty soon there will be no point to do this at all since the english fansubs will have caught up to me.

Screencaps and summary follow. I'm going to try this "thumbnailing with links to full images" thing that everyone else seems to do, since the old way created unbearably long pages with lots of vertical scrolling.

Lovedol screencapLovedol screencapLovedol screencap
Ruri, having spoken directly to the president, is now part of the team. Despite being completely ignorant of her abilities (no audition, no compatibility interviews, etc.) the members are quick to accept her for some silly reason: she had the courage to confront someone like the company president directly. They celebrate a bit before discussing their next step on how to eventually debut.

Lovedol screencapLovedol screencapLovedol screencap
Ruri asks everyone about their ambitions. Most of them have no real goal so the answers are pretty vague. They just want to be idols through whatever means necessary. Hina's motivation has a little more substance, since she's fueled by a burning desire to be on the same stage as the "oneesama" she admires to an obsessive level. Ruri herself says she wants to help her brother by being a manager, which everyone finds a little strange. Meanwhile, Sakaki broods over the previous day's events in her large single room in downtown Tokyo that she pays for with her lucrative job playing guitar for pocket change. Tomohiro's words had a large impact on her emotions, and she is struggling over whether or not to take him up on his offer. The next day, Tomohiro and Hina meet at a cafe with Chocolat, a pair of older (fake twin?) idols that Hina highly respects.

Lovedol screencapLovedol screencapLovedol screencap
Everyone tags along with Hina to the cafe, doing various embarassing things such as ordering the entire stock of cake, or in Miu's case, showing an inability to grasp the difference between "shitsuji" (butler) and "hitsuji" (sheep). Near the end of the conversation, Chocolat says they will be holding a "Secret Live" event later that night, and Tomohiro requests that the third generation girls come as observers. Elsewhere,, Sakaki is still thinking hard over her options and staring at Tomohiro's business card. IS SHE READY TO JOIN?

Lovedol screencapLovedol screencapLovedol screencap
NO! TRASHED! One of Sakaki's many talents aside from singing is the ability to crumple tiny business cards into a ball almost the same size! But when it seems like she's mader her decision and all is lost, Sakaki opens the tote bag she received in episode 2 to find: tickets to the the live Chocolat concert! Waitaminute, didn't Tomohiro just find out about that concert from those girls a few minutes ago? I guess we can't let a silly thing like continuity get in the way.

Lovedol screencapLovedol screencapLovedol screencap
Ah but disaster strikes at the concert site. Miss Super Experienced Manager, who was revealed this episode as Tomohiro's older sister (or maybe he was just saying that as a sign of respect so she wouldn't practice any more wrestling moves on him), has forgotten the maid costumes. There isn't enough time to run back and get everything ready before the concert starts, so quickly a substitute plan is hatched. The 3rd generation idols will do a bit of singing while Chocolat waits for their butler to race back and get the costumes. Surely these hardcore otaku won't notice the difference.

Lovedol screencapLovedol screencapLovedol screencap
But they're still incomplete with only five people. Tomohiro realizes he must go out and find Sakaki. The look of determination on his face suggests he would not be above using force, however illegal, if necessary. Conveniently, Sakaki saves herself an abudction as she has also decided to come see this concert.

Lovedol screencapLovedol screencapLovedol screencap
Without a missing a beat, the six girls are rushed on stage in front of a cynical Moe T-shirt wearing crowd to perform "LoveLoveLove no Sei na no yo," which happens to be the ending theme to this show. Impressively, the episode has a separate concert version for this scene instead of just being lazy and resampling the ED theme. The nerds react to this bait & switch with initial scorn, but warm up to the performance within moments. By the end of the song, everyone is cheering. In addition to card crumpling, another one of Sakaki's many talents is magically knowing all the words and dance moves to a song she has never heard or practiced in her life.

Lovedol screencapLovedol screencapLovedol screencap
They manage to impress the fans so much that even after Chocolat returned with their costumes and took over, the group was invited back to meet with the audience. Sakaki is a little confused by the welcoming arms of her peers but she accepts, thereby implicitly joining the group. As they leave for the stage, Ruri sticks her head back in and cheerfully beams "Now we have six."

This episode was kind of stupid just because of all the plot holes with Sakaki. Is this supposed to be the resolution or something? We didn't find out at all what the heck was making her hate singing so much, or why she overcame it so quickly. So she had a good feeling while singing on stage with the other girls...hey, who cares if you were just randomly pulled into a performance right after being invited as an attendee right? Absolutely NO suspicions at all directed to the manager who was trying to recruit you for weeks? OK Sakaki. I suppose the upside is we now get to see the smiling Sakaki promised to us in the OP/ED instead of the moody gloomy one. It's still a shame we didn't get to see more to her personality. What was supposed to be her big turning point lasted about 2 seconds and one line of monologue from Sakunyan. Next episode is hopefully better.

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