October 12, 2006

Momoi Haruko no Radio Update

Ever since URAMOMOI ended there was a void in broadcasting that needed to be filled. Well Momoi is finally back on the radio, internet radio this time that can be downloaded from Anista.tv so no need to go scour P2P sites for rips.

The first episode kicks off with a small clip of her new song - Saigo no Rock, which is the opening for her upcoming release DVD Drama - Haruko Update.

She talks a bit about this DVD release. It's a dramatized autobiography of sorts, and will include coverage of her early career in TV, radio, internet, etc. starting from even when she was still in school (she says when she was 16), and her semi-idol status.

At 8:50, we get to hear a lengthier preview of Saigo no Rock. Initial impressions are good. She has some really impressive vocals at certain parts, and the chorus is catchy. CHA-CHA will be stuck in my head for days. It's still her new sound though, consistent to what she put out on her last album, so I don't really understand why she pushed her recent event as "Moe wa Rock da." I was secretly hoping for a throwback to her cutesy singing, but I fear she has abandoned the art of "moe song." I suppose I shouldn't jump to conclusions like that though. I said that the same about KOTOKO and then she pulled a fast one and came out with Mighty Heart. And this song is pretty good anyway so I'm not complaining.

The guest today was Takayama Saki who is playing Momoi on the DVD. Her voice is pretty shaky so I'm not sure how the hell she fits the role of the great MOMOI, but who knows...that pic on the Anista.tv does make her look pretty close to the real one :P. Anyway she talks a bit about herself, like her ranking in a beauty contest back in 02 and some other stuff when she gets interviewed, and stays for the entire 40 minutes of the show for discussion.

The following seiyuu were advertised between breaks, in this order: Sakai Kanako, Satou Rina, Nabatame Hitomi

Posted by Paranda at October 12, 2006 12:21 PM


feh...saki is going to be an even bigger idol than momoi. just give her time. i know that she is an amazing person, and she will grow into the role.

Posted by: Anthony at December 31, 2006 6:45 PM

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