November 28, 2006

Haruko Update preorders are open

harukoupdate.jpgFor some reason, I didn't get an automated newsmail notification about this from CDJapan. But, luckily I was reminded to check up on this manually yesterday after cortana sent me a trailer/music video of what I assume is the bonus content on the limited edition version of Saigo no Rock that was released two weeks ago. (I still don't have my package yet. In addition to waiting for Yume no Baton, KOTOKO's album release got delayed, which in turn delayed my entire Momoi order until even later than previously thought).

Be warned, it will contain Momoi in a maid outfit rocking out with a broom as if it were a guitar. Potential cuteness overload. Take deep breaths first before watching. From what I've seen, it looks like the DVD is definitely going to be paying service to the Akiba/2ch folk (the trailers portrays them favorably in a Densha Otoko-esque fashion: devoted, slightly kooky friends whose internet postings give her the courage to stand up to the school bullies). Takayama Saki has also decidedly won me over on the casting choice once and for all, after seeing the expression she has when she opens her cardigan to reveal AI on her t-shirt underneath. That's just excellent.

Haruko Update will be released January 26th and will be available in two versions:
regular edition for 5800 yen, and a special edition for 7800 yen.

The premium price on the special edition is due to some very worthwhile extras that will be included: A special edition clear case, a bonus 30 minute CD containing a "100 methods of fun" radio skit, accompanied by the CD jacket specially illustrated by Watanabe Akio (a.k.a Poyoyon Rock), and a 16 page pamphlet with commentary and backstage stuff.

Posted by Paranda at November 28, 2006 11:09 AM


If it were possible to die from cuteness overload, i think i'd be on life support right now. T_T

*instant pre-order* lol

Posted by: InsaneLampshade at November 28, 2006 12:47 PM

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Posted by: Ichigo-roth at December 17, 2006 5:04 PM

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