November 28, 2006

I am going to whine about midterms

There are two periods of stress for a student associated with Thanksgiving. The week before Thanksgiving, when all the midterms pile together. And the week after Thanksgiving, when the graded midterms are returned. Results are mixed. Monday started out good. I inexplicably aced my second Econ and a programming exam. Even though the new job had eaten away at my free time, things seemed to be under control and I was looking at getting away this semester with pretty good grades.

This was of course balanced out today after I found out I bombed on my second financial systems midterm with the proud score of 60.5, completing fucking up my previous B+/A- average in that class with no chance of recovery to A status. In retrospect, I really should have contacted the professor to let him know I wasn't ready to take the test that week. Maybe I could have gotten an extra day to prepare. I'm now shooting for a middle B if I'm lucky.

Although they were sufficient for economics classes, apparently my bullshitting skills can't cut it when it comes to the world of hard finance. Unlike the econ exam, where I was only stuck on a few questions while confident on the rest, I really didn't know my shit for this test and I didn't dare risk drawing stupid joke doodle/answers since each point was so precious. Instead I opted to go for the "obscure with semi-jargon and bad handwriting until it looks sort of correct" approach for when I had no fucking clue about the answers. Maybe I should have tried drawing after all, it worked surprisingly well for my first econ midterm - I got full credit for that question. Hmmmm it must say something about those two subjects.

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