December 18, 2006

Something good came in the mail

No,'s not another figure or a CD...

This time it's...

A REPLY FROM MOMOI!! OMG!!!!! *dies*

Exam studying energy: +9999999



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December 15, 2006

Exam review interrupted by mailman

A good interruption.
Momoi KOTOKO care package
My Momoi and KOTOKO care package. Yume no baton, Saigo no rock, Ippozutsu, Chercher, and Uzumaki. Bonus KOTOKO postcard included. No Momoi extras unfortunately.

Arrest her officers! For the crime of cuteness!

Back to study.

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December 15, 2006

I have been awake for 22 hours

In that time: 1 can of pringles, 2 packs ramen, and 1.5 liters of tea consumed, 300 music Momoi/UNDER17 tracks scrobbled, 210 pages of global economics textbook read. Health is failing. 2 practice tests and 6 powerpoint slide sessions left. First round of finals in 8 hours. Must...persevere...

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December 14, 2006

Happy Birthday Momoi!


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December 12, 2006

The legendary Mail Me PV?

Since the "Chuo Line" goof-up, which they still haven't fixed, CDJapan's product descriptions have shown themselves to not be 100% reliable, but this time what was written on the page for the brand new Momoi album out in February was simply too exciting to contain to myself.

New full-length album from Haruko Momoi includes the intro and outro themes for her drama "Haruko Up Date," covers, and more. This version includes bonus DVD with the music video for the songs "mail me" and "Saigo no Rock."

Whether it is indeed the one from 2000 or a newly produced video remains to be seen, but considering Haruko Update will be covering the "Mail Me" events in Momoi's life, the prospects for finally seeing the original are high.

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December 12, 2006

Windows Media Player 11 still sucks

Since my specially DIY-upgraded 40gb H-340 was snatched away by a thief in October, I had been shopping for a replacement for some time. Unfortunately, the excellent H-340 model had been discontinued by iRiver and followed up by newer (yet somehow inferior) H-10 models. Aside from that series, there was no other HD player I wanted so I decided to go with the flash player instead. Originally I wanted to wait for the Cowon iAudio D1 model, but as Blip Festival came up I decided I couldn't wait any longer.

Apparently, photography, recording, video-taping, etc..was encouraged by the festival organizers, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone by buying the 4GB Clix which had just come out since it also had a recorder. I always record events when allowed now - a lesson I learned after MISSING THE CHANCE to do this with Kawasumi at Otakon. Here's a short clip of YMCK's Opening at Blip Festival

I've now been using the Clix for a week. As an mp3 player, the clix is OK so far, but a major MAJOR downside is they force you to use WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER to synch files to the player. Although WMP11 is an improvement over WMP10, and it looks fancy and glossy, it is still a huge crock of shit when it comes to supporting ID3v2.4 tags - it doesn't, and it'll overwrite to ID3v1 or the equally crappy ID3v2.3 if you look away! As a foobar2000 user for God knows how long, I refuse to switch over to this slow and buggy abomination of music software until at least ID3v2.4 support is added.

So far I've been compromising by making a backup of my entire music collection (hooray for 2TB - I can't stop buying drives) and a disposable folder specifically for when transferring over to WMP. In short, it sucks.

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December 7, 2006

Esper Mami Tribute Song by Momoi

The ESPER MAMI DVD-BOX, part 2 was released today. Along with it comes the Esper Mami Tribute CD. Momoi shows her love for the series with a new original song, "E.S.P. Thanks to Mamichan" which she wrote, composed, and sang herself. I really love it whenever Momoi composes her own work, it always ends up being catchy. I want this CD so bad right now. has kindly uploaded the short version PV to their website. Danger section: watch out for "beep! beep! beep! beep!" accompanied by hand motions, it is easily over critical mass in moeness. PV page

I think this may be the best she has ever looked on TV while not in cosplay. Very nice hair, makeup, and wardrobe. It's hard to believe she's only one week away from her 29th birthday.

Also paying respects to Esper Mami is her fellow seiyuu and friend, Ueda Kana. Both videos can be found on the page. Make sure you click the video links on the right if you want a nice broadband version.

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December 5, 2006

Yume no Baton release

Momoi's brand new single, Yume no Baton came out in Japan today. There is a CD format as well as a more expensive limited edition version that includes a DVD. Yume no Baton is the ED theme to Haruko Update, and coupled with song is Koi no Meiousei.

Chuo Line, which was sung during her Wonder Momo-i live tour, was erroneously reported to be the c/w song by CDJapan many months ago. I somehow missed this until I looked at the cover just now.


Also possibly of interest to fans of moe music, Makino Yui's first album is out. I've been following her ever since season one of ARIA, and so far she has been putting out pretty good singles, especially the ED to that NHK anime (I still haven't gotten around to watching it). I think I'm really going to like this album. If so, Makino may be the ninth Japanese artist to cross over from the "download" to "buy" category for me.

Finally, Chihara Minori's Lovedol character single is out too. She's done a great job singing for the Haruhi singles, and I've heard nothing but praise from seiyuu3 about her album, so I'm pretty curious. I've been ever so slightly let down by her voice work in Lovedol, but as I've learned, her singing and voice acting are on completely different levels so the song itself will probably still be good.

In general, there's lots of stuff this week.

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December 1, 2006

I hate the E train

There is probably no experience in Manhattan's subway system worse than taking the E line during morning rush hour. In the mornings at 8AM, I wait at the 42nd street station along with rows and rows of other passengers. The E train will usually come already packed from the people who got on at Penn Station one stop before. Yet no matter how full a subway train looks from the outside, the interior defies physics. I'm always amazed at how dozens of fresh passengers can somehow cram themselves into an already overflowing car that looks like it's about to split at the bolts.

Inside, standers are stabilized from the rocking movement of the train since their positions are locked in a perpetual game of Twister with the other passengers. If one person moves slightly, it will trigger a shockwave of shifting that can be felt at the other end of the car. If God forbid someone needs to get off the train at a stop, the careful equilibrium will be lost and the situation inside the car will degenerate until the crowd becomes a large undefined mass of arms, legs, newspapers, and briefcases...not unlike the swirling tornadoes of dust and limbs that depict brawls in gag cartoons. After a period of time, those who need to leave will have migrated from the inside to the outside through Brownian motion, and everyone else in the train is now in a completely different location than before and probably missing their wallets. We all sigh with relief for that tiny bit of free motion, before holding our breaths again to watch in horror as 40 new people rush in the doors to stuff the gap that was created when one person left.

This agonizing circus act will repeat itself for several more stops, with more passengers magically boarding at each stop despite us having run out of space long ago. Just before the train is about to reach critical mass and collapse into a star, we arrive at 53rd and Lexington. It's my stop, and apparently everyone else's. From riding the E train, I've learned that every single person in New York city works near 53rd and Lexington. Immediately the entire train will drain out to the station, leaving behind only two or three people, probably broken or unconscious. At the station, a new battle begins. This one is a battle for the escalators.

The 53rd street platform is shared by E trains arriving from both Queens and downtown, and they will frequently unload at the same time so it is not uncommon to have hundreds of passengers all together at once in underground station. Unlike most stations, we only have an exit at one end of the platform. It has two escalators and one set of stairs. However, because we're so far down underground, very few people take the stairs. Instead the huge crowd will step onto the escalator, four people at a time. The end result is one of the worst capacity bottlenecks ever. If any one escalator breaks, the delay increases exponentially. If both break, any operations managers in the crowd will typically have a stroke and die on the spot.

The return trip fortunately not as bad. No thanks to the E train of course but at least it's made somewhat bearable since taking the stairs down isn't so bad. Also, when going back, the herd is split into two groups. The first half gets off at 34th Street, the second group gets off at 14th. 34th is Penn Station so I can understand, but I still have no idea what's so special about 14th Street that could account for so many people leaving here.

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