December 5, 2006

Yume no Baton release

Momoi's brand new single, Yume no Baton came out in Japan today. There is a CD format as well as a more expensive limited edition version that includes a DVD. Yume no Baton is the ED theme to Haruko Update, and coupled with song is Koi no Meiousei.

Chuo Line, which was sung during her Wonder Momo-i live tour, was erroneously reported to be the c/w song by CDJapan many months ago. I somehow missed this until I looked at the cover just now.


Also possibly of interest to fans of moe music, Makino Yui's first album is out. I've been following her ever since season one of ARIA, and so far she has been putting out pretty good singles, especially the ED to that NHK anime (I still haven't gotten around to watching it). I think I'm really going to like this album. If so, Makino may be the ninth Japanese artist to cross over from the "download" to "buy" category for me.

Finally, Chihara Minori's Lovedol character single is out too. She's done a great job singing for the Haruhi singles, and I've heard nothing but praise from seiyuu3 about her album, so I'm pretty curious. I've been ever so slightly let down by her voice work in Lovedol, but as I've learned, her singing and voice acting are on completely different levels so the song itself will probably still be good.

In general, there's lots of stuff this week.

Posted by Paranda at December 5, 2006 8:19 PM


Yume no batonn is veryvery wonderful song!! koino meiousei also, It feels under17 period.

Posted by: longhorn at December 8, 2006 8:24 PM

Finally got my Minorin CD from Lovely Idol. Minorin's singing is good, but I'm kind of partial to her "cute" voice (kind of like how I feel towards Nana-chan too actually). I think Minorin would probably end up being similiar to Nana-chan to me, so I'm hoping her singing career takes off with her re-launch.

I've got 3 character singles from Lovely Idol (Nogawa Sakura, Nakahara Mai, Chihara Minori), the songs are kind of meh, but I love hearing the different covers of the ED and compare them.

Posted by: houkoholic at December 10, 2006 10:03 PM

I didn't like Minorin's charasong that much, although I enjoyed her rendition of the ED theme the most so far, even above Nakahara's. I still feel the singing is a little off, but so far ALL of the Lovedol singles have been underwhelming, so it may be quality control on the sound engineer's part. Nogawa's charasong was IMO the best of what's out, but that's not saying much. Kanako is my last hope.

Posted by: Paranda at December 12, 2006 11:59 AM

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