January 28, 2007

Well it seems like I overspent

After paying bills today, my checking account now has only $3 after factoring in next month's rent. I'm functionally broke. Momoi is just releasing too much stuff lately, and I can't keep up with her while still maintaining my figure habit. I'm going to have to conserve a little for the next few months, so...this will be my last "stuff" post for some time I guess. Luckily there doesn't seem to be too many new figures coming out that I want.

January's loot:

Set of 3 Range Murata Pinky figures.

1/6 Akari, 1/6 Aka, 1/6 Saber, 1/6 Majichan, 1/8 Eruru, 1/8 Lucy, 1/6 Tamachan, 1/8 Asa.
Eruru and Fate are actually from November, but I didn't want to disturb the stack.

Closer look at Lucy Maria Misora, one of my favorite figures I got this month. I now have a figure of every ToHeart2 main character, so I can recreate a school scene for my various sick fantasy worlds.

Any figure of a character voiced by Momoi also gets a spotlight of course. Here's Tamachan!

I also really like ARIA stuff. Closer shot of Akari!

And probably my best purchase of the month: Fate with Bardiche in zanbar form! It's an awesome figure from Alter.

I also got the Movic version of Fate, with her Haken form Bardiche but I haven't opened this one yet. I liked the pose though.

Another favorite of January, Mamiya from Magikano. And she is indeed wearing the special cat! Now I need a Maika figure to round it off for the most amusing duo ever.

Max Factory's gorgeous Blanc Neige figure from Shining Tears..

And lastly, 2 limited edition box sets of Eureka Seven DVDs.

Not pictured: Nerd-tan from Akibablog (because she's currently serving desk duty in my apartment). And now I'm all out.

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January 27, 2007

Momoi web gets yet another redesign

But this time it's a nice fancy site:

Also launched for Haruko Update:

I'm regretting slow shipping already :O

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January 26, 2007

Haruko Update Part 1 Release!

At last, the day has come! Haruko Update, part 1, is now out. Heads up to anyone who didn't want to preorder - now you can buy it and possibly get a free Haruko Update poster. I shall update and post screencaps when my copy arrives! And I haven't forgotten about my plan either. Meanwhile, my eyes are peeled on the net for discussion and perhaps some heroic soul who will upload any clips.

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January 18, 2007

They gave Kugimiya's character to Tamura!

So it seems Kugimiya Rie's character will be instead played by Tamura Yukari for the anime adaptation of Idolmaster.

My response: What the fuck?

I haven't seen/played Idolmaster before, but from the looks of the bio page, Minase Iori appears to be a nasty tsundere type. Hey I love Yukarin but I'm sorry, there is nobody who can beat Kugimiya at her own game. That character just LOOKS like someone Kugimiya needs to voice for. I don't care if she doesn't sing as well, this is just a baffling to me.

Since I skipped out on Zero no Tsukaima (for time reasons, and also because it looked like shit), I have been seriously starved for Kugimiya for far too long. The brief Shana OVA last month did nothing other than push me over the edge of insanity by making remember just how much that voice can affect me. I must hear it! Now I can only hope Alisa Bannings appears a whole damn lot in Nanoha Strikers to make up for this awful state of affairs.

Most arguments I hear against Kugimiya knock her on range. This probably more due to the fact that her very different roles tend not to overlap with the same audience. She pulls off some incredible stuff in her demo. We all know she can do stuff like Shana or Alphonse Elric, but the demo has one more surprise. It starts off pretty standard and typical "Rie", but then suddenly jumps into a horrifyingly impossible segment where I actually thought Kugimiya Rie had secretly been swapped wtih Satou Akemi instead. Kugimiya imitating a 98% accurate Shiori-style voice out of nowhere is to me, almost as impressive as Saitou Chiwa going into "deep sexy" mode from her usual voice. Speaking of deep, Kugimiya is also a surprisingly good live singer, although one wouldn't think so.

Another good thing about Kugimiya is that she seems to bring the best out of Park Romi.

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January 17, 2007

Momoi auction madness

Two Momoi auctions that I have been watching for a while ended early this morning. Unfortunately I didn't end up getting either of them. The prices are..high..to say the least.

$90 USD for an Esper Mami CD is pretty crazy.

Virtualianco is a bit more understandable, but I still wasn't expecting it to go over 10000.

I would have bought the Virtualianco CD for its historic value but because of my incorrect expectation, I ended up a few yen short in my auction account and I couldn't transfer additional funds fast enough to steal the auction. This thing went for 6000 yen used only 2 years ago, and has done nothing but appreciate in value over time.

Oh well. I've put 20000 yen in my auction account. Next time I'll get it for sure!

One thing I am happy about though...I bought Ippozutsu! at retail back when it first came out. Recently I've been seeing it go for 5000+ yen regularly, with the latest at 8000 (although no bids yet). Another lesson in why it always pays to order limited edition stuff fast and early :)

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January 14, 2007

Back to school again

But before leaving...a last trip to Medieval Times. My throat is sore from yelling.

Main course: half a chicken. Way overseasoned, but delicious all the same. Utensils are not included, and surprisingly they only hand out one moist towelette AFTER the meal. Luckily, I remembered to wash my hands before going in this time.

Our knight preparing for the joust! We got the Green Knight this time. He sucked at the preliminary games but was a pretty good mock fighter who did a lot of fancy sword work, plus he was a gutsy rider who usually went twice as fast as the other guy. He ended up winning the proper part of the tournament also, which was nice, since the last time we came here, our old Red/Yellow knight dominated the ring/hoop stuff but got eliminated first round in the challenges. In the end though Green got backstabbed the King's right-hand man, so we grudgingly accepted Red as the replacement champion. Much booing ensued.

Fun times. Damn this winter break ended fast. I will be heading back to NYC in two days for the spring semester. I'll also be resuming my job. I'm almost afraid of going back to work considering I left a project I was working on for 3 weeks unfinished :3

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January 13, 2007

HM3 Issue 42

January's issue 42 features Mizuki Nana yet again and the guys from Marginal Prince.

They usually give you big posters too, like this fold-out Mizuki Nana poster.

The pages are pretty thick they're bound more like a photobook than a magazine, so there is basically no way to scan these without ruining the spine. I care too much about my precious volumes to scan these myself, so I also simultaneously grab the online version whenever I get my physical one. This issue has a lot of good pictures, including two Momoi photos. I've posted six selected ones below. Click for large.

First off, Nonaka Ai, one out of a series of photographs.

Next, Kanda Akemi. Kanda was interviewed for this month's Aice5 article where she talks about herself and opinions on all the other members of the troupe. She has a much longer history than I thought (FYI: Last month's interviewee was dear Chiaki).

Momoi and Goto Yuko do a joint interview about their respective Lovedol characters, so here is one from them. Last month's Lovedol feature was Nogawa Sakura and Nakahara Mai (dream team <3).

Goto also has an extra two pages dedicated to her new album so she gets another pic.

Mizuki Nana, being on the cover has the most pictures in this issue, in addition to that rad poster.

I also included an image of Shintani. I'm not a really big fan of her but I know pantsgoblinx is so he might like this image. It's part of a pretty big pull-out booklet promoting her recent album.

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January 12, 2007

Enter! and Momoi Concert DVD updates

As you may have read here, the latest Momoi single came out on Dec. 27, 2006. Unlike her other releases, since it was made/sold for Toranoana which doesn't ship overseas (yet, they say), it is generally difficult to to find for us foreigners, so I thought I'd upload it.


Here is also a lyrics scan in case you need it to sing in the shower (click for large).

All in all, Enter! is a really nice song written and composed by Momoi (she really is grinding those creative gears lately), and sung in the "cute voice" with clever lyrics faux-advertising Toranoana, reminiscent of Koko dayo. It's a good follow-up to "Koi no Meiousei" and "E.S.P. Thanks to Mami-chan" for a trio of moe song releases - and hopefully the sign of a trend.

Also, I never really thought about it until now but there are a buttload of Momoi CDs and DVDs coming out within the next 3 months. On top of the two Haruko Update DVDs, the new album, 2 unnamed singles, and the Lovedol character song album, I was told today that there are also two concert DVDs coming out in late March, sold separately and also as a box set. They will contain the Stellar Ball concert last year as well as an "UP DATE TOUR" concert yet to be filmed later this month.

Each concert DVD package contains two DVDs and costs 4800 yen, which is quite reasonable for seiyuu DVDs these days, especially 2-disc concerts, so you can get which concert you like. If you really like Momoi or are just itching to waste money and want to get both concerts, there is the ultra box set which costs a whopping 9600 yen, but contains all 4 discs and a free t-shirt - probably even more, because damn this thing is estimated to be incredibly heavy. During my order, shipping came out to over $40 for EMS.

Finally, I am going to announce my Momoi goal for 2007. I ordered the Haruko Update drama DVDs on slow shipping. If nobody subtitles it by the time my order arrives, I am going to do the translation myself no matter how long it takes.

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January 5, 2007

Surprise of 06: Takahashi Chiaki

Blah blah blah New Year. I'll be brief: Went up to Canada for the holidays this year. Surprisingly, NO SNOW in Ottawa. When has that ever happened before?

Now that I'm back..I've created a new category since I think a lot of my "anime" posts are more about seiyuu than any show itself...such as today's.

The title is slightly misleading, since I have already dedicated 2006's "best seiyuu" title to Nakahara Mai (and she damn well deserves it), but I must say I have been incredibly impressed and surprised by Takahashi Chiaki. Not only is she the best singer out of Aice5, she also gave the most memorable performance in Otoboku as the fiery Takako. I've always liked Horie Yui and Asano Masumi before, and I knew the rest of Aice5 well but I wasn't too familiar with Chiaki. Apparently she did have a big role in japanese dubs for American cartoons, i.e. Rugrats' Angelica, but in the anime world, mostly erogames (under the name Ishibashi Tomoko) or small TV roles.

It might also be fitting to mention that I have never seen anyone more flirty in front of a camera than Chiaki (based on the Love Power PV and "behind the scenes" segments). She appears to be eternally posing and winking during every scene, and her spastic speech and jerky movements are kind of endearing. Her demo style also reminds me a bit of cross between Kuwatani Natsuko and Sanada Asami for some reason, although she doesn't really sound like either of them. I'm not sure why.

I decided to watch Otoboku mostly as part of my goal to see Sakakibara Yui's two debut series, and partly for Aice5. Little did I know Chiaki would steal the show from everyone! May this year bring many more leading roles come to her. I shall follow with great interest.

Meanwhile, Sakakibara Yui's voice acting debut has been a bit bland. It's not bad, but I expected more after hearing her radio and demo work. She was pretty good as Hisako in Otoboku, so my complaint is primarily against Happiness, which she had the lead role as Kamisaka Haruhi. She just sounded so forced. Maybe that was how she did her game lines so she was stuck with using the same method? Did she wing it because she suspected everyone would have their ears on Yuimoto Michiru instead?

I have no idea, but I know it was a wasted opportunity (though I can say differently for Naruse Mia who, for a game actress, did a great job with Anri on TV). That's ok though, because Sakakibara made up for it with ridiculously awesome accomplishments in singing. She may be more suited as idol seiyuu. Oh well. More answers will come this year.

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