January 14, 2007

Back to school again

But before leaving...a last trip to Medieval Times. My throat is sore from yelling.

Main course: half a chicken. Way overseasoned, but delicious all the same. Utensils are not included, and surprisingly they only hand out one moist towelette AFTER the meal. Luckily, I remembered to wash my hands before going in this time.

Our knight preparing for the joust! We got the Green Knight this time. He sucked at the preliminary games but was a pretty good mock fighter who did a lot of fancy sword work, plus he was a gutsy rider who usually went twice as fast as the other guy. He ended up winning the proper part of the tournament also, which was nice, since the last time we came here, our old Red/Yellow knight dominated the ring/hoop stuff but got eliminated first round in the challenges. In the end though Green got backstabbed the King's right-hand man, so we grudgingly accepted Red as the replacement champion. Much booing ensued.

Fun times. Damn this winter break ended fast. I will be heading back to NYC in two days for the spring semester. I'll also be resuming my job. I'm almost afraid of going back to work considering I left a project I was working on for 3 weeks unfinished :3

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