February 14, 2007

HM3, not Megami

I've been reading HM3 for a while now, and I find that it is only partially like the Megami of seiyuu magazines, because their scope is kind of limited since there aren't that many seiyuu superstars yet. I complained about Hirano Aya's mass appearances back in August, but that was before I started getting an actual monthly subscription. Now I realize I was getting unlucky, as it's not just Hirano. It's pretty much the same people every other month. On the female side, Mizuki Nana shows up the most. After her is Tamura Yukari modeling her gothic lolita dresses, Nogawa Sakura, Horie Yui, and Iizuka Mayumi.

On the male side, Naozumi Takahashi is by far the most featured (probably more for his live stuff than anime voice work which is very little), followed by Tomokazu Seki (generally a cool guy who isn't afraid to do ridiculous poses for the camera) and Takehito Koyasu who sneers an awful lot for someone who plays some very funny characters, and also appears to be best buddies with Tomokazu Seki.

Posted by Paranda at February 14, 2007 1:15 AM


Nao-nii shows up because Saku-nyan is there, and they both host Anime Tenkoku... so they're semi-important. Kanako Sakai needs more face time

Posted by: Anonymous at February 16, 2007 12:35 PM

Agreed, more Kanako-hime! From what I've seen of Anime Tenkoku, she steals the show from Saku-nyan fashionwise every time. Love those dresses.

Posted by: Paranda at February 21, 2007 6:43 AM

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