February 8, 2007

Let the celebrations begin

Haruko Update, A-part START!

Review and screencaps will be up in the next few days.

Update: I just finished watching through it. The drama part of it is pretty short, about 30 minutes,..but the DVD is packed with a bunch of extras, making of, interviews, and commentary, plus there's a bonus "special CD" included. I haven't looked through the CD or listened to the commentary tracks yet, which I will be doing tomorrow. TFor now, let me just say that the most significant highlight of the DVD is that Takayama Saki performs Momoi to perfection. I had some doubts earlier because she didn't sound so good, but this drama is not about singing or voice acting. For those scenes, Momoi does it herself. Instead the drama is more about her growth as a person, and Saki captures the full range of emotions perfectly. Maybe it was great casting, or maybe it was great acting. Either way, while much of the acting had an amateurish feel to it, Saki alone seemed like a pro. She was completely convincing and often caused me to forget I was watching a drama and just accept that she WAS young Momoi.

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