May 31, 2007

Momoi at AX07

News is now official.

If I wasn't still at work, I'd plaster a bunch of Momoi glamor images in this post, but I'll have to settle with a timid celebration at my desk until I go home.

I will be flying in from NYC on the 28th, though I may have to delay my return flight as it appears that the old concert info is no longer applicable. Site details reveal that only one concert has been scheduled for an unknown time on July 2nd, which is the day I go back.

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May 21, 2007

Momoi thanks fans at Moefest 2007

A recent entry on Momoi's blog called attention to her special guest appearance at Moefest 2007 last week, where she performed six songs, and create an emotional scene where she reflected profoundly on how her joy of singing existed because of her audience. Clips of this incident have been made available at

Although Momoi frequently cries while giving speeches, it generally does not make each time feel any less sincere or heartwarming, as can be seen by the post-event reactions. Momoi's affinity towards her audience is well known, and the frequency of these scenes usually only serve as additional reinforcement of her wonderfully humble and grateful attitude. Momoi isn't afraid to people know how much she appreciates them, a fact that almost certainly is one of the reasons why Momoi has always been a very successful live performer regardless of her visibility in the industry elsewhere. She makes fans feel good about being fans. Rather, if Momoi DOESN'T cry at your concert, you've probably been a shitty crowd and need to cheer harder.

And that is why at AX, if we are to preserve the honor of North American fans, it is our duty to make Momoi cry.

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May 17, 2007


I was looking through Nico video yesterday as usual for seiyuu stuff, and one clip of Kugimiya Rie stood out as a testament to how creepy some hardcore seiyuu fans can be. In some guest appearance on Takahashi Mikako's show, Kugimiya does a cute stomping action on TV. Since she was wearing a skirt, there was apparently a panty flash for like one millisecond. Given the context of the action, and the length of exposure, there really should have been no way for any normal person to notice it. The fact that somebody was hawkeyed and vigiliant enough to see it blows my mind. It shouldn't even have occurred to them to check, unless they originally watched the entire appearance with the specific intention to catch something like this. They must have went through frame by frame. Who the hell does this?

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May 8, 2007

I swear this has happened like five times this month

*hits critical on shiny*

On a frigging rock smash no less.

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May 7, 2007



Update: rumor has been further substantiated. Apparently it came from an m.m.m mailing. Asopaso is a beautiful man for posting this news. Now we just have to wait for the AX website to announce it to be totally official.

More details: It seems like there will be two shows: one on June 30, one on July 1st.

It's already time to prepare my travel plans just in case. What say we have a collective meet-up and camp-out, fellow Momoists?

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May 7, 2007

Oh shit! Tsukune-chan actually got fansubbed.

See title. Looks like someone over at Ureshii is a big enough Momoist to expend the effort and bring back a show from 2005..

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May 3, 2007

Spring 2007 Anime, part 3


Seto no Hanayome - A Momoi show that is pretty good. Momoi is pretty much in every scene, and heavily featured as both a character and as a musician (presence detected from OP to BGM). Yakuza comedies have been overdone for me, but characters like "Shark" actually being a shark and other simple gags are just incredibly funny to me. Not as funny as Nagasarete, but Momoi more than makes up for it.

Toward the Terra - Simply awesome. Post-apocalyptic utopia with a terrible catch? No matter how many times I've seen that formula, it never gets old. This show is filled with amazing imagery, awesome revelations, firefights, and suspense. The mood and themes are just right, and it manages to provide entertainment without being too preachy about its social theories. The protagonist is a bit angsty, but thanks to the great pacing of this show, he pretty much gets over his requisite "woe is me" phase in just one episode. A LOT HAPPENS in every single episode of this show, and it might tie up Claymore as my favorite series this season.

Heroic Age - PASS PASS PASS PASS PASS!!! Apotheosis now! Basic premise: The Heroic Tribe is basically a god race that owned the universe before they got annihilated by a higher power for being way too strong. The last remaining survivors were sealed into stones and made subserviant to the weaker races in the universe. Humans, initially the weakest race (having lost their home planet to other humanoid aliens known as the Silver tribe), received the strongest strongest servant, and under an extreme galactic version of manifest destiny codified as the Twelve Labors, are now on a mission to take back their home and destroy all other races. Drama, betrayal, politics! It's StarCraft, EV Nova, and mythology mixed together. Bronze tribe is clearly derived from the Kryptos ships. Also, KUGIMIYA RIE.

Kaze no Stigma - 2 episodes in. Bad-ass main character who can kill the shit out of everything after a mere 4 years of contracts/training. Everything is cool so far. So how does an insanely strong wind mage escape his annoying pursuer? Slice a hotel in half and drop the entire top half onto her (actually he was framed for this, but still...).

Shining Tears X Wind - Moved from undecided to pass because the pacing is quite good. The story seems kind of standard, but it moves pretty quickly. Also, machine-gun sword is hilarious.

Hayate no Gotoku!
Idolmaster Xenoglossia
Nanoha StrikerS
Nagasarete Airantou


Kamichama Karin
Lucky Star

Victorian Romance Emma season 2

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May 2, 2007

Seki Tomokazu & Noto Mamiko at Otakon

That kind of news means I'll probably have to go to Otakon for the third time, if work doesn't get in the way. I'm disappointed it wasn't Halko after a bunch of US hype from J-ENT, but these guests are pretty good so I guess I'm not in a bad mood.

Aside from being the guy behind some legendary characters, Seki is an awesome guy based on his HM3 articles and it will be great to finally see him in action, in person. This notion is further reinforced by other famous seiyuu, such as Kawasumi Ayako who named him as her favorite to work with last year. I am currently having trouble deciding what I plan to get signed. It's down to copy of a Seki-featured HM3 or a Pierrot poster.

And, ah, Noto Mamiko, the seiyuu famously known for transforming all of her female coworkers into temporary lesbians. I'm not a huge fan of her voice work, but she is one of those people I'm actually a bit scared to meet, just because she is so pretty that I by comparison, feel like some variant of pond scum, and by pond I mean an open-air septic tank. I'm fear my self image may never recover were I to approach her for any sort of autograph. What the hell do I get signed anyway? She doesn't have any solo albums, and I refuse to look like an otaku by bringing character singles instead (although by being there at all I suppose this is pointless). Much thinking about this will be necessary.

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