May 2, 2007

Seki Tomokazu & Noto Mamiko at Otakon

That kind of news means I'll probably have to go to Otakon for the third time, if work doesn't get in the way. I'm disappointed it wasn't Halko after a bunch of US hype from J-ENT, but these guests are pretty good so I guess I'm not in a bad mood.

Aside from being the guy behind some legendary characters, Seki is an awesome guy based on his HM3 articles and it will be great to finally see him in action, in person. This notion is further reinforced by other famous seiyuu, such as Kawasumi Ayako who named him as her favorite to work with last year. I am currently having trouble deciding what I plan to get signed. It's down to copy of a Seki-featured HM3 or a Pierrot poster.

And, ah, Noto Mamiko, the seiyuu famously known for transforming all of her female coworkers into temporary lesbians. I'm not a huge fan of her voice work, but she is one of those people I'm actually a bit scared to meet, just because she is so pretty that I by comparison, feel like some variant of pond scum, and by pond I mean an open-air septic tank. I'm fear my self image may never recover were I to approach her for any sort of autograph. What the hell do I get signed anyway? She doesn't have any solo albums, and I refuse to look like an otaku by bringing character singles instead (although by being there at all I suppose this is pointless). Much thinking about this will be necessary.

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