July 29, 2007

Anime Expo 2007 Momo-i's Petit America Travel Log

Momoi posted a more detailed account of her AX trip yesterday containing pictures and commentary. She also wrote more thanks to everyone yet again, mirroring much of what she said in her recent statement to J-ENT. She also put quite a heavy emphasis on complimenting the staff, no doubt to clear up any remaining resentment or misconceptions anybody may have still had. It definitely does seem that AX bent over backwards due to the drama that the DD blog created, and they went so far as to bring in a concert set for her, so good on them.

Here is a my quick translation of the contents from Plug Entertainment. Please let me know if I got anything blatantly wrong, as I tend to suck at this.

Original entry: http://news.plug-etm.com/?eid=670777

Disclaimer: This is not an official translation, I do not represent Plug or Momoi in any way, shape, or form. Contents can not be construed as accurate. Images copyright to their original owners. Blah blah blah...

Anime Expo 2007 Momo-i's Petit America Travel Log

Long Beach, California had wonderful weather.
I was so happy to meet the staff, who worked so hard to make such a big event a success, and the super fantastic wotaku fans at "Anime Expo."
I and everyone in Japan, having transmitted our feelings to other places outside of Japan, and communicated through this experience, were very impressed. I really am so glad that I met you all.
Thank you for coming to 6/29th's secret mini-live, and the 30th's focus panel.
At the 7/2 live, the passionate cheering made me so happy. Everybody was so excited and made it so fun!
Those who supported me from Japan, those who handed out call books, those who came to the concert and taught the Japanese fans' way of glowstick cheering to the American fans, thank you.
Everyone on staff was very respectful towards me, all the fans there were nice, and so I was able to put my heart into singing.
Jumping excitedly, everybody gradually became as one. I thought, "Where is this? America!? Japan!? No, this is MOMOI'S LIVE!" Before anyone knew it, the barriers had disappeared. Like an AT field.
I love things like anime and games so it was great to do such activities, as I genuinely met everyone's beautiful smiles.
In a completely different country, though the lifestyle is usually different, I was strangely glad.

For producers and consumers, having direct mutual discussions with each other is very significant, and I think it is a wonderful thing.
Everyone at Anime Expo staff, I want to express my gratitude once again for giving me such a great place!

And to fans who waited in line for me, truly, thank you very much. From here on in Japan, I will continue to do my best! I hope we can meet again.

Thank you!

Momoi Haruko.

At the opening ceremony. The loud cheers made me happy.

At the concert hall. It's so big. Everyone who came, thank you!

Combat Momo-i at Hollywood

Hollywood, and the power glove. A bunch of people called me "Robot Girl."

Famous Hamburger.

At the guitar center. Though I didn't buy anything, Manzo was made to buy an avant garde colored Base by Momo-i (laughs).

Me at July 2nd closing live. I think this Yukata-Dress is very japanese, and goes well together with a Live DVD.

I was glad that the lighting was set perfectly. Behind me there was a Cafe set. Thanks.

It was packed. Several thousand fans had come. The cheering was amazing for me (cry)...uuuuuu.

In the midst of passionate singing! I wanted to sing an extra song, so I went nonstop!

The excitement built steadily to an amazing rush!

Manzo came too. Everybody knew "My Pace Daioh" and chanted "Oi Oi Oi". It was really exciting.

Ball autographs. Momo-i shows off her strong throwing arm. Watch out major league!!

The last bow... Tears. For the encore I sang Yume no Baton accompanied by Manzo's guitar. The last phrase is truly how I still feel.

In the waiting room on the last day at AX. The staff gave me such a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a present! I was so moved...The T-shirt I am wearing was made for me by a fan there.

The notebook where everyone left messages for me. Thank you!! It's my treasure.

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July 29, 2007

Momoi sings Uninstall.

Well not really. Rather, a fan with a WONDERFUL imitation of Momoi's voice sang "Uninstall". Yet more talent inspired by Momoism.

Check it out at Nico: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm656228

It's very cute.

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July 24, 2007

Should have paid the extra $10 and shipped EMS

Looks like I am not going to be posting about the Lovely Idol concert DVD this weekend after all, as I stupidly forgot I had chosen SLOW SHIPPING on the order I combined it with. It just went out this morning, so it will probably take another two weeks.

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July 5, 2007

Momoi Expo, part 2

After the panel, and a quick side-trip to see Chiaki's concert, we headed back to the hotel. Once back, we decided to check out Momoi's blog to see if she would explain the cancellation situation further. Seeing her entry really pissed off everyone, and we each took turns writing our consolation comments. We also decided that it was necessary to take some extra steps to prepare for the next concert in order to make up for everything. Momoi had mentioned she would love to see glow sticks while answering a question at the panel, so the rest of the night was dedicated to what Chibitech calls the the great "Glowstick Adventures," where we drove around Long Beach hitting up Walmarts, dollar stores, supermarkets, and even got into the dance events to look for glowsticks to hand out at the concert. However, after several hours, we only managed to find something like 20 or so. Things didn't seem too good at the time.

On monday though, we happily discovered that we were not the only ones who had realized to bring extra glow sticks. Many other fans had also brought similar amounts to distribute, and the Japanese fan club was well prepared with a huge bag of around 200 or so, which they gladly shared with us. After we arrived, they decided to start a glowstick practice session near the front of the line, and we passed the time cheering together with the fan club. It got very embarassing after some staff members gathered around to watch, and another dude started taping us without asking, but I was also happy that we, and others watching, could learn the moves properly (the call book could be very confusing at times). It also felt rewarding after one of the volunteers got very interested in Momoi due to the demonstration. Around 10:00AM, Momoi's autograph book was passed around again so we all signed the thing a second time.

Once the doors opened, we began distributing call books and glow sticks to everyone again. Although everyone around us pooled their glowsticks together, we still ran out in less than 20 minutes, and more than half the audience were still missing them. Additionally, the crowd was kind of small and a lot of people didn't seem that pumped. Luckily, shortly after we ran out, AX staff suddenly rolled in a cart with boxes and boxes of glowsticks. Although they were selling them, AX must have been in a pretty apologetic mood after Momoi's tirade, so the people were actually very nice and the prices were actually fair (4 for $1, an entire bag for $10). As people gathered around to get glow sticks, one of the Japanese fans, WEB-RIDER, started a chain reaction by rushing up and buying like eight full boxes and handing them to us to help distribute, which then prompted most of the first and second rows to start buying up eveything. Seeing this mad dash for glowsticks did generate some enthusiasm from people though, and from what I've heard, even AX staff got bitten by the generosity bug and started giving them away to anyone who came in later once the show started.

Momoi appeared on stage in her modified tropical kimono-skirt thing and thanked everyone for coming. In an incredible display of stamina, she performed songs from nearly every point in her career in rapid succession, starting with GURA GURA, moving on to UNDER17 and Komugi material (never underestimate the rush from hearing several thousand people screaming "Fever! Fever!" and pumping their fists), post-UNDER17 stuff like Love.exe Hide and Seek, Wonder Momoi, and Tondol Baby, and special pieces like Akihabalove and Romantic Summer from Seto no Hanayome (the only thing I really wanted to hear that she didn't sing was Motto Yume Miyou). As soon as the music started, the fans in front began leading the glowstick movements, with several jumping into the aisles to direct everyone. Momoi pulled off a flawless performance as well. This time, the sound was perfect, and she had plenty of room to jump around and lead many of the motions herself. Occasionally, she would also break a glowstick and launch it into the audience to rile them up even more. I was obviously pretty occupied/entranced during all of this, but every time I did turn around (like during the spinning jumps), I saw nearly 100% crowd participation. Whenever she turned the mic on us, the chants were deafening. Most of the audience knew all the words and could sing along, and those that didn't did a pretty good job of improvising on the spot so at least they seemed like they knew the words. During the small talks in between, there was also no shortage of very loud "MOMOI KAWAII" screams from various locations in the crowd (I did contribute mine as well, and got waved at!). Looking back at both the songs and the talks, these components added up to create the most electric atmosphere I had seen out of all the AX events so far.

Some time in the middle of the show, Manzo also showed up again to do Nihon Break Kogyo and My Pace Daioh while Momoi caught her breath. I'm glad the audience gave him a much better welcome this time around. I don't think a lot of people really started getting into it until they realized he was the guy who did the Genshiken theme (he probably should have did that song first for the recognition factor).

When the show ended, the fans started begain chanting MOMOI and ENCORE. I think the Japanese fans tried to start a different chant like the ones in the DVD, but they gave way to the American fans since ENCORE was just much easier to say and the huge energy just drowned them out. It was essentially the same in spirit anyway. After a few minutes, Momoi came back on stage and performed Saigo no Rock, a.k.a. "The Last Rock." After this, Momoi asked everyone to come close to the stage and take a picture with her. This time, security much more understanding, and so we managed to squeeze together VERY close to the front (right up to the rail). She then threw out autographed balls into the audience as presents. One was thrown directly toward us, but it bounced off the rail and the guard picked it up and threw it in a completely opposite direction (argh!). She then gave her final talk, but started crying before she could finish. She said that she was so happy to see all of us, that she was really glad about all the glowsticks, and that she would definitely come back to visit us again. With the crowd completely out of their rows and gathered at the front, she sang Yume no Baton" way up close without any music track, and visibly in tears. After she left the stage, the Momoi calls continued for minutes.

Only after Momoi left did I notice the extreme fatigue in my arms and back. We had been jumping and waving nonstop for almost 90 minutes, and no matter where I looked, there wasn't a single person whose t-shirt wasn't completely drenched. I was still slightly dazed by what had just transpired. As we walked out, we saw a very long line forming at the merchandise booth outside and felt very satisfied in knowing that after this concert, Momoi had just gained a huge number of new fans who probably originally showed up just because "they were giving out free tickets." Additionally, those of us who already were fans had just accomplished something we had always wanted to be a part of ever since watching our first Momoi DVD. Before leaving the arena altogether, we decided to take one big picture with all the hardcore Momoists to commemorate the coming together of fans from around the world.

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July 5, 2007

Momoi Expo, part 1

It has been over 3 days since the last Momoi concert has been over, and the residual effects have not worn off, but I figured this would be the time to write out the full trip report before I start forgetting things.

Our group, which I will affectionately call the Unofficial American Momoi cheering squad, consisted of myself and Mandichan from the east coast, Kouotsu all the way from Tennessee, and Chibitech from the California Bay area. In Momoi headbands and tour shirts, our basic objectives simply revolved around the goal of welcoming Momoi with our hearts: attend all Momoi events and cheer like hell, help the Japanese fan club hand out call books and explain them to new fans, and support any other Momoists who also wanted to show their love to Momoi.

Friday was a bad start for us, since we missed the opening ceremonies due to a 4 hour wait in line, and then an additional 3 hour wait in the premiere ticket line. Pretty much the whole day was spent in line and the only relevant news we managed to pick up was that Momoi would be a guest judge at AX Idol.

On Saturday, things began to pick up. We received word from one of the Japanese fanclub members that in addition to being a guest judge, Momoi was having a concert after the AX Idol event (6/30), which confirmed a previous report in m.m.m. that Momoi was going to do two concerts. We arrived at AX Idol and tried to get as close as possible in middle section, although we were somewhere around row 18 due to a wild goose chase at the "Meet The Guests" reception which prevented us from camping even earlier. We did manage to find the official Japanese fan club group that had followed Momoi overseas while waiting for AX Idol to start though (a meetup and plan to help distribute the call books had previously been arranged by mandichan on mixi). There, we experienced first-hand, the massive generosity and awesomeness of Momoi's fans when one of the fan club members and main editor of the call book produced a huge gift basket for us containing a mountain of Momoi CDs and DVDs. Some items I can recall in there were Cover Train limited edition, Momoi Quality limited edition, 21st Century limited edition, Haruko UP DATE Best CD, Haruko UP DATE DVD box set, Shibuya-O-East/Stellar shirt and DVD box set, Saigo no Rock and Yume no Baton limited edition Toranoana version, LOVE.EXE, Shokuzai no Rhapsody, a Komugi drama CD, and various other discs. We split it between the four of us and now I can proudly say I have filled up several gaps in my collection (I am especially happy about having the Toranoana slipcase).

After almost more than an hour of delay, the event finally started, When Momoi appeared on stage in her grunge-schoolgirl uniform and power glove, the front rows on the left and right sections, having been camped by the those Japanese fans, exploded into cheering while we tried to hold up our section. From then on, nearly every time Momoi gave any comment, a massive round of cheering from those areas erupted, and it surprised even her interpretor, who didn't quite understand how Momoi fans operated. During the judging of the ten finalists, Momoi gave ONLY positive criticism (as we all knew she would), and most of her remarks included some trivia about Japan's entertainment industry for the audience's enjoyment. After finding out some of the contestants could understand rudimentary Japanese, she markedly changed her entire style of speech to be much much slower and easier to understand, presumably so the contestants could receive and understand her praise directly rather than have it filtered through a translator (da..to..omoimashitaaa...) Being the lovable oddball that Momoi is, another interesting thing that she did was whip out her own marker/glowstick during all of the musical acts and cheer on the contestants from behind her table.

Because the event ran way overtime, after the winners were announced and everyone left the stage, Momoi immediately started the performance with almost no preparation. There was still a lot of space in the front so Momoi had called out to everyone to stand up and come closer. We rushed up through the rows as far as we could before security blocked us off. Despite our attempts to explain the situation, they did not budge on our request, so a significant section of of the very front rows remained empty. They didn't clear the stage or reseat anyone - it was almost as if Momoi was relegated to a mere continuation, a closing act, of AX Idol rather than someone with her own individual event. I was really annoyed by this, and even more annoyed by the fact that a lot of people in the crowd were still sitting down, but soon forgot myself as Momoi began singing. Surprisingly, she kicked off her concert with Komugi songs (Shooting Star, Ai no Medisun) and then the very classic TENBATSU ANGEL RABBIE! Man, I was so happy...I never thought I'd have to chance to hear those live after UNDER17 disbanded! In a mad rush for time, Momoi jammed through song after song with huge amounts of energy. She ran across the stage and even jumped up on the table. The only break she took was when Manzo (another awesome surprise) suddenly showed up in his construction gear and guitar. Unfortunately, we hadn't realized to bring glow sticks, a mistake we tried to make up for ten-fold at the later concert. Although the sound feeds were unsynchronized, I had personally had a great time. I am only sad that these technical problems prevented it from being even better

On Sunday, we lined up around 8:30AM for the Momoi panel, although PantsGoblin was nice enough to save a spot for us much earlier. We met up with the fan club and started helping them distribute the call books. After handing out a few books and talking with some of the people waiting on line, it soon became clear that last night's concert was almost entirely unadvertised as many people didn't even realize know about it, which slightly messed things up since we had hoped we could explain "CALL" by using last night's example from the Japanese fans. Apparently, news of the 6/30 concert and her appearance at AX Idol was officially mentioned only once, and only by Momoi herself during the opening ceremonies (which a ton of people missed anyway because they were in line for badges). A lot of fans were upset, though the worst was still to come. In a small act of redemption, AX (or possibly Avex) was at least smart enough to set up a small table outside the room selling CDs, DVDs, and T-shirts so fans could get tour shirts to wear for the panel (I got two of them, one for that day, and one for the concert).

When 10AM rolled around, Momoi showed up in her own concert shirt and Momoi wrist band. She started things off by apologizing for the lateness of the previous day's concert and began taking questions. As you now know, during that panel, Momoi made an announcement that she very unhappy with the way things played out so far and cancelled all events for the day to ensure the 7/2 concert would go as planned. Thankfully, everyone was considerate enough not to complain and still clapped and cheered the entire time. I can happily say that everyone in my group did get a chance to ask a question to Momoi. As a veteran radio host, Momoi pulled some slick professional bantering with each question, regardless of its simplicity or length, and would go on for minutes to answer things. Various interesting things happened in there: One fan had brought in pink flowers. When asked for her favorite "moe" characteristic, Momoi suddenly stood up on her chair and revealed "zettai ryouiki" (I would have gotten a picture of this but was in line and stupidly left my camera on my chair). Chibitech was able to ask Momoi for a collaboration project on her next Famison album and ended up singing along to a song with her. I found out that she based her schoolgirl outfit on Nanako SOS (the original Moai outfit is almost an exact copy), and that that she would love to do cosplay with Nogawa Sakura (please do! Nogawa is so talented as well). And finally, we listened to her say "TAISAN," "Luke-sama," and my personal favorite, "BUU~BUU~!"

Once time was up, everyone came up to the stage to give her gifts (Mandichan managed to give her two custom Momoi T-shirts, that she WORE the next day). When Priz, the original American Momoi fan (though his website is now down), came up to her, Momoi even reached out and shook his hand and announced to everyone "This person has been my fan for over ten years." As the gifts continued flowing in, she began to cry and thanked everyone profusely. An autograph notebook was left outside the panel so everyone could leave messages for her (while waiting in line for the autograph book, I was very happy to meet the legendary American seiyuu otaku catsspat who was standing right behind us - further validating Momoism especially if he of all people would choose to skip the SOS signing for Momoi).

Part 2 coming as I'm writing it...

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July 2, 2007


I think it went down very nicely. This was the most energetic concert out of all performances at AX, with a fan reaction even bigger than SKIN in my opinion. Props to the Japanese fan club for bringing in a big ass basket of bright pink glowsticks, and Yazaki-san (who I will soon friend on Mixi) for buying a ton of glowstick packs after AX tried to sell them, and all the American fans who didn't show a moment's hesitation in buying more glowsticks just to give away, effectively making the glow sticks "free" for everyone else. For example, oblacxz (I think), a guy sitting next to me who bought a bunch with his friend and threw them to the crowds, and actually helped me out in a pinch during concert after my first set of sticks died out. I think all of your efforts helped excite even the non-Momoists who just showed up out of curiosity, and quickly turned them into raving fans soon after they realized how damn fun these concerts are, and definitely played a part in affecting the way things eventually turned out. I was so impressed by the selflessness of so many people who were just completely focused on making Momoi happy. This is what fandom is about!

If you are one of these people I definitely hope you publicize your efforts and make sure everone knows that Momoi has the hardest fans out of any idol, because she is the fucking Queen and this title cannot be disputed.

And so...Momoi cried again. According to her blog, she loved it. I liked how she basically had maybe 2 or 3 rows of real fans in the beginning, and all of us were so nervous that Momoi would be disappointed in us for the low turnout, yet by the end the place was packed and pretty much everyone turned into a Momoist. There was much shouting and glowstick waving, and at the end, I was so happy to see that autograph line stretched very far when walking out.

No pics of this particular concert will be posted since I did not bring a camera, but if our picture shows up on Momoi's site any time soon, I will repost that.

Details of the concert itself will be updated later. I just wanted to provide a quick update in case anyone was worried about today.

And thanks to anyone who wasn't too shy to join us in our "practice cheering" today while on line.

Edit 2: Heading out to the Closing Ceremony to cheer Momoi one last time. I want even the most seasoned event planners who think they know "extreme fandom" to look at Momoi fans and think..."What the fuck? These people are crazy." Because only Momoi is good enough to get that kind of fanaticism.

Edit 3: Just returned from closing ceremony. Another successful round of cheering Momoi was had. In a totally unexpected turn of events, Momoi was wearing Mandichan's special t-shirt that she gave her at the panel and got called out with personal recognition. It was an intensely cool moment. After that we pretty much went crazy cheering. And while we recorded her, she recorded us! Honestly there has been a lot of recording all around, so it will be weird to see what will eventually wind up on the net. There might even be a shot of the US fans in a DVD extra (Oh how I hope).

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July 2, 2007

Mission to make Momoi cry

Remember this post?

Well, it looks like at least we did our part. Good job North American fans. Thanks to all the fans die-hard enough to wait with our group so early in the morning...we thought we would be the only ones! To anyone who was there, you may have seen us, as we were helping the Japanese fan club hand out a big stack of Momoi concert "call" pamphlets (while wearing Momoi t-shirts and Momoi headbands). At the panel, I think it was a good show of love for Momoi. I'm really happy nobody complained about the cancelled autographs thing, and still cheered as hard as they could. She seemed to be really moved at the end when the gift-giving started, and it was excellent. I was kind of afraid that the SOS signing event might have eaten a lot of her crowd, but the turnout was pretty good and I love that all the fans were crazy about her. "Pinnacle of my life" guy...perfect line. Perfect reaction. BUT...there is much more left to be done, and here's why:

A lot of people are pretty curious about the sudden "serious speech" Momoi gave in the middle of the panel regarding a contract dispute and why she canceled all of her appearances afterwards, and almost canceled the 7/2 concert. Well apparently, while her fans were great to her, AX in general was a very different story. Momoi was treated pretty badly and she is quite upset with AX's handling of her own, and other guests' events, as shown by a recent update on her blog. Although the details are unclear, it seems that she was not treated with any respect at all.

I am not sure what exactly broke the straw on the camels back, but its no surprise Momoi is dissatisfied. Apparently there were fuckups starting all the way from getting her hotel room ready, to cutting off her music, to constant reschedulings and lateness, and overall mishandling.

Although too engrossed in my euphoria at the time, looking back, the first concert was indeed severely mishandled. First of all, they started the whole event late and made Momoi wait forever in order for Bang Zoom to plug some shitty ads that everyone had already seen from the SOS concert. Second, at the Momoi concert (as well as the SOS one before it), the entire audio was out of synch, much to the horror of her staff who watched on helplessly. And third, after Momoi specfically invited everyone to "come up!! come on up!" (i.e. to the front of the stage), security, apparently unable to understand a damn word, blocked everyone off and forced us back to the seats section. Momoi saw this happen, and decided to try AGAIN by motioning all the fans to come forward and yelling (in English by the way) to come up. Yet again, security blocked anyone from trying to advance despite the huge amount of free space being wasted up front. The fans weren't allowed to go wild. Not allowed...at a Momoi concert? That's ridiculous!

Momoi's panel explanation for the autograph cancellation was basically that she would be working hard to communicate her exact wishes to the event handlers so the next concert would not have so many problems. Momoi was angry, not only that she was thrown aside, that her co-workers and friends in the industry were thrown aside (she said some were crying, but didn't name any names), but also angry from the fact that her American fans that she flew over specifically to perform for, were the ones who didn't get the performance she planned. In this, I believe she was totally right to cancel her events and work exclusively on setting up for the next performance. It's her last chance before heading back to Japan, so of course IT HAS TO BE DONE RIGHT. Tell me, oh true Momoi fan, do you really want some autograph you can buy off Yahoo Auctions, or do you want a PERFECT CONCERT!? The answer should be obvious.

Even just from my personal observation of the SOS events alone, this entire convention was badly managed. In those respectively, Minorin was absolutely humiliated at both the panel and concert and looked like she was going to cry. Gotou also seemed kind of pissed, although she was way too much of a veteran to show it as obviously. And Hirano...well as much as I hate Hirano, even she didn't deserve that tasteless joke about casting-favoritism, especially with the HUGE Arts Vision scandal going on that I'm pretty sure every seiyuu fan knows about (It's inexcusable that Bang Zoom, which glorifies itself as a major anime voice acting company of North America, would script in a joke like this without thinking of its connotations.) I will probably post a more detailed rant about how things happened, but for now I will work on posting more POSITIVE comments on how awesome Momoi was before I start bashing AX.

I'm glad that Momoi decided she would continue the concert for the fans despite the bad experience with AX, so, with that information...let's try extra hard tomorrow to make sure our positive impression is cemented into Momoi's mind and never let her feel any doubt for the North American fans' support her. As a group we need to make up for AX's shortcomings.

Note: If you can, please please please get glow sticks for the concert. I think it would make her very happy to see so many fans take her suggestion seriously and start waving the sticks and doing all the calls. If you absolutely can't find any, we have bought about 20 extra sticks and bracelets specifically for this event and are happy to give them away.

Also, even if you are angry about this, please refrain from displays of anger on her blog, and complain to AX instead. Some 4channer posted the "America is superior..blah blah blah...New York" comment on Momoi's blog. What the hell? I'm fucking from New York and probably the most annoyed by all of this, but that type of comment doesn't really reflect too well of us at all, and is not going to convince her to "Come to New York." It just makes us look bad.

Extra note: At the panel, Momoi apologized for starting late even though it wasn't her fault. I love Momoi.

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July 1, 2007


Up until now, I had never woo'ed loudly in my life.


Will update in a while...after I'm calmed down. Suffering from *jump* "HEY!!!" and "E-KU-ZE" hand-symbols syndrome.

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