August 31, 2007

Blast from the past

Two neat (and old) things came in the mail today.

1. A much prized figure, Komugi 2.0! I have been looking for this ever since it came out.

2. ASCII Motto Otanoshimi CD-ROM vol. 9, dated April 1998. This CD is the source of the GURA GURA video that we all know and love, and also contains the first chapter of a series of very interesting articles written by Momoi detailing the history of Moai Halko, who was apparently created by a mad old scientist who cloned Momoi's DNA stolen from hair she left on her hairbrush in the dressing room of Loft Plus One. In hopes of stealthily replacing Momoi with her clone, the scientist disguised himself as a friendly otaku and abducted Momoi as she was looking for a changing room to cosplay during Summer Comiket 1996. Of course, trapped in the basement lab, Momoi heroically rescues her clone from her test tube, clothes her with the sailor costume she was planning to use as cosplay, and manages to escape back into the Comiket crowd. Now free, and face to face with the clone, Momoi decides to give her a name and her own identity. And thus, Moai was born.

Now I really want to track down the rest of this..

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August 30, 2007

Reminder: Last day for message to Momoi!

The official deadline is 8/31, but remember that could be adjusted forward due to Japan's timezones, so best get your letters in to coverman ASAP.

As for me, I was just up all night writing the mushiest most fanboyish letter I have ever written in my entire life. This thing had more hyperbole and metaphorical allusions to greatness and pseudo-epiphanies than all of the mandatory "self discovery" essays I wrote in college combined. In the end I had to edit out a whole bunch of stuff and downplay the Momoi praise so it wouldn't look as dishonestly sycophantic (even though I meant all of it). Talk about a dilemma.

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August 25, 2007

New respect for Rita

I've had exposure to Rita since forever, having heard numerous examples of her work from Gwave compilations, remix CDs, and so on yet I never really noticed her. Until now. In the end, the tipping point was due to a little bit of accidental repeated exposure to one song, after listening to disc 3 of the Little Busters. which played several versions of its opening theme. Rita may not have the greatest singing ability, but holy hell does she have an arsenal of awesome voices to sing with. Little Busters! -Little Jumper Ver- is now a regular item on my playlist.

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August 24, 2007

Prism Ark Intro/Outro Single

Momoi's newest work is up for preorder at CDJapan.

Game Prism Ark Intro Theme: Uen no Amulet / TV Anime Prism Ark Outro Theme: Opera Fantasia [w/ DVD, Limited Edition] / momo-I

Limited edition will include a PV. First press gets a poster :)

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August 18, 2007

Message to Momoi in Germany

Due to mass work caused by ye olde liquidity crunch I have pretty much had no time to check things online, but recently coverman aka. Jime has made a generous offer to take any additional messages you may have for Momoi and has asked many Momoists to spread the word, so I guess I'll do my part: Feel free to email or comment and I will pass it on along with my own message :)

"To all fans of Momoi Haruko:

In preparation for the live event in Germany this September, Momoists in Japan would like to gather messages from Momoi Haruko’s fans outside of Japan.

If you would like to write Momoi a short message, please send your messages to me. I will compile them all and forward them to the Japanese fans that will be going to Germany. These messages will be given directly to her during her tour there. In writing your messages please also include your name. If you cannot write in Japanese do not worry you may also write your message in English.

If you have any friends who are also fans of Momoi Haruko, please let them know as well. We would love to have them also send her their messages.

The deadline for submitting your messages is August 31, 2007.

Thank you for your support."

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