September 28, 2007

Momoi HaruKO?

Spotted by asopaso:

Mistake, or yet another name? Either way it's new to me. When can we write it 晴子?

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September 28, 2007

Momoi injures leg in PV shoot

While shooting the PV for her next single, Momoi fell from the stage and injured her leg. She received stitches for the first time in her life. And yet she's still not even taking that much time off still and is still zipping from one event to the next. Don't work too hard Momoi! Health comes first! Please recover soon.

In other news, San Seto obliterates competition in Saimoe. Defeating a heavy hitter like Souseiseki is truly something. Go go Momoi seiyuu magnum opus!

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September 13, 2007

No Subject

It took me all summer, but I am almost finished...

A Momoi surprise will be posted some time next week :)

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September 11, 2007

Oh my god

Why did I not go?

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September 10, 2007


Now unquestionably the best Aice5 member.

Other Chiaking exploits: Victim of a punishment game on the radio, creating an incident on AT-X due to skimpy clothes, impersonating Nishioka Sumiko, countering Inoue Kikuko's "eternally 17" cult, and more. Eronechan has no shortage of quirks.

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September 9, 2007

Can Horie Yui please not be in every show in existence?

Ah Horie Yui, responsible for one of my first tastes of seiyuu fandom. I remember when I was still a budding seiyuu maniac, I would occasionally watch an episode of something, go "Hey that sounds like Hocchan" and beam proudly later when the credits confirmed my guess. Gone are those days. She is in everything, so when you suspect a voice to be Hocchan, you already know you are right. I wouldn't go so far as to say I dislike her now, but in the last six months, the novelty has certainly worn off.

I like watching her live performances in Aice5 and I do enjoy Horie Yui's cute voice, which I feel is fine for doing characters like Manabi or Suzu, but when there are too many roles done in the exact same voice, there is a point of saturation where you can only associate the voice with the actress, and no longer with the character. This is somewhat bearable if the voice at least matches the character personality, but things gets very bad when it doesn't. She often tends to dumb down characters even more than they were probably originally intended to be and I cannot stand her brand of predictable "moe" stupidity when it doesn't seem to fit the character at all.

I am especially critical of two of her latest roles: Higurashi Kai where she essentially plays an emo dope, and Sky Girls which when comparing her performance to the excellent performances of Shizuka, Ayako, and Saori, allows Hocchan's annoyingness to stick out like a sore thumb. I do not want to hear a high ranking military commander say "hauuu." If Horie Yui wants to do anything more than 3 shows per season, I would hope she stayed out of relatively normal character roles, because she really can not do those well. Sure there are some times where she actually tries to discipline her voice to match the character, but recently more often than not, she injects her own trademark style into the character.

This is a good thing right? Well, usually yes. But with Horie Yui and the sheer number of roles she plays in one season, no. I wind up cringing because of her inability to resist shoehorning her hamfisted Ayu style into clearly NOT-AYU characters. Ayu is in fact my least favorite character in Kanon so the less I am reminded of that Taiyaki eating retard, the better.

And yet the strange thing is I would probably still consider myself somewhat of a Hocchan fan, in most aspects at least for now. I just hope she scales her acting projects back a little, because she doesn't have the range to stretch herself across so many series. Idol seiyuu should just stick to being idols :3

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September 7, 2007

Momoi Blogwatch for Connichi 2007 now underway.

Momoi's blog opens up with "Guten Aben." The first day has gone smoothly it appears, and she has already attended the opening ceremonies, an autograph session, and a cosplay event. She was particularly impressed by the scenery on the streets, and of the convention center itself and mentioned both of these on her blog. Momoi also says she will do her best at the live tomorrow.

Let's hope it is a great experience. Cheer hard German fans!


New post from Momoi only hours before the big show.

Ever closer to the live

"I recieved a lot of support from everyone in Germany at the autograph session. There were visitors from so many nationalities. Thank you for the writings and presents! Messages came from the Momoists of Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, America, Australia, UK, Bolivia, Austria, and others. Thank you! Right now, I am reading them all in my hotel room...

And here again thank you. Tonight let's have a blast."



Live Big Success!

"Uuuuu. I am so moved. The fan club from Japan came to help lead, distribute call books, and glow sticks. The German people seemed to have a really fun time. I think that my feelings were surely transmitted to them. In music and wota, there are no national boundaries! I was so nervous and the outpouring of messages of support and presents strengthened my heart.

Hearing the cries of 'Encore' in German within this vast arena, of all voices focusing on a single person like myself, I felt true bliss.

But, we can't wrap up yet! I have been meeting to prepare for tomorrow's autograph session, and the mini-live before the closing ceremonies. I will definitely need to rest up!

I will send my heart to the fans and everyone in Connichi, and surely return to Japan with a glorious smile on my face. I am waiting to hear the good news reports ok?

Please excuse me if I've caused any tension!"

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September 5, 2007

Disk Daisuki is no more

As of 8/30, Momoi's new blog is at DD now redirects there automatically. According to Momoi's recent post, no archives were kept, so if you used an RSS reader that downloaded the old entries to a local drive, treasure them ( only goes back to May)! Also, the post explained that the momoi-ktkr URL was because the momoi and momo-i account names were already taken.

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