September 9, 2007

Can Horie Yui please not be in every show in existence?

Ah Horie Yui, responsible for one of my first tastes of seiyuu fandom. I remember when I was still a budding seiyuu maniac, I would occasionally watch an episode of something, go "Hey that sounds like Hocchan" and beam proudly later when the credits confirmed my guess. Gone are those days. She is in everything, so when you suspect a voice to be Hocchan, you already know you are right. I wouldn't go so far as to say I dislike her now, but in the last six months, the novelty has certainly worn off.

I like watching her live performances in Aice5 and I do enjoy Horie Yui's cute voice, which I feel is fine for doing characters like Manabi or Suzu, but when there are too many roles done in the exact same voice, there is a point of saturation where you can only associate the voice with the actress, and no longer with the character. This is somewhat bearable if the voice at least matches the character personality, but things gets very bad when it doesn't. She often tends to dumb down characters even more than they were probably originally intended to be and I cannot stand her brand of predictable "moe" stupidity when it doesn't seem to fit the character at all.

I am especially critical of two of her latest roles: Higurashi Kai where she essentially plays an emo dope, and Sky Girls which when comparing her performance to the excellent performances of Shizuka, Ayako, and Saori, allows Hocchan's annoyingness to stick out like a sore thumb. I do not want to hear a high ranking military commander say "hauuu." If Horie Yui wants to do anything more than 3 shows per season, I would hope she stayed out of relatively normal character roles, because she really can not do those well. Sure there are some times where she actually tries to discipline her voice to match the character, but recently more often than not, she injects her own trademark style into the character.

This is a good thing right? Well, usually yes. But with Horie Yui and the sheer number of roles she plays in one season, no. I wind up cringing because of her inability to resist shoehorning her hamfisted Ayu style into clearly NOT-AYU characters. Ayu is in fact my least favorite character in Kanon so the less I am reminded of that Taiyaki eating retard, the better.

And yet the strange thing is I would probably still consider myself somewhat of a Hocchan fan, in most aspects at least for now. I just hope she scales her acting projects back a little, because she doesn't have the range to stretch herself across so many series. Idol seiyuu should just stick to being idols :3

Posted by Paranda at September 9, 2007 5:36 AM


Yeah, I know what you mean. It's like, hey. We're doing a new anime. QUICK, SOMEONE CALL HORIE.

She has a cute voice and she's a good voice actress, but she seems to be limiting herself to one typeset.

Posted by: AnimeKittyCafe at September 15, 2007 4:22 PM

I totally agree with you and AnimeKittyCafe. Yui Horie is the 3rd seiyuu I knew, but now, I can't listen to her voice. She's very famous, but there's a lots of seiyuu who are more talented ! For example, Nana Mizuki or Aya Hirano, Ikue Ohtani. They are so talented, and I never think that their voices rile me. I'm a HUGE fan of Aice5, but if only Yui Horie wasn't here.... TwT

Posted by: Aki at November 5, 2007 2:16 PM

what the fuck?!
horie yui has a cute little voice in a lot of roles, that makes the character a little sad and melancholic like in her role of suzu
sometimes, that can be a high pitched voice, that makes the character moe and funny like makie, hanyuu sometimes
and she also can have a normal voice to look like a realistic character like naru narusegawa, or miyako uehara (pani poni dash)
of course she has the same voice all the time, she is a human being
nana mizuki is talented, of course; but she is not that lovable
aya hirano should just do the role of suzumiya haruhi

anyway, hocchan has no problem

and she is the leader of aice5
they are nothing without her

Posted by: BĂ©vue at February 27, 2010 8:50 PM

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