November 30, 2007

Momoi Hawaii Tour now officially open to public

Momoi has posted the tour details and sign up link on her blog. She has stated that non-fanclub members are able to sign up for the tour. However, fanclub members will get a planned exclusive dinner with her.

The applicaiton deadline in 12/29. The trip is quite expensive, but hey you get to spend 5 days with Momoi!

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November 30, 2007

Momoi + Nogawa JeNny cosplay

You can't have a doll show without cosplay can you? Momoi and Sakunyan pose as their respective characters in Kawaii! JeNny.

Features Momoi socking a dude in the face.

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November 21, 2007

Cyalume Rememberance Day

According to her blog, Momoi said November 20th is like her own personal "Cyalume Rememberance Day" as a tribute to the almighty glow stick. Unfortunately, that happens to be yesterday, but I was swamped with work so this is a late post. should go watch some Momoi DVDs and practice your waving anyway. Consider it a warm-up holiday before you jump into Thanksgiving!

Momoi attended Mizuno Aoi's birthday concert on this day in 1994 and credits this event with converting her into a frequent concert goer. She specifically remembers getting a glow stick from another fan and seeing the crowd energy being transmitted through its faint blue light. 10 years later, 11/20/2004 marked the final performance of her own band, UNDER17, where she basked in orange brilliance during Motto Yume Miyou. She says 2007 is a good year as well, with many fond glow stick memories thanks to everyone.

A fan also pointed out in the comments that the Wonder Momo-i Live Tour was also recorded on 11/20/2005. You know, I never realized Momoi may have been purposely scheduling a lot of her major live shows for this day until now.

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November 19, 2007

Shaori :3

Sakura Saori promos for her in-progress first solo album, and talks a bit about taking care of her throat after recovering from a cold on a new LoveLoveLovable posted today. She started doing these weekly internet shows in September, but this was the first time I actually listened to the whole thing and I found I became seriously uncomfortable after listening to her talk for a while. I was cringing most of the way through, because just thinking about her go on and on in that voice for nearly 20 minutes straight at a significant volume makes my own throat start hurting. Saori is not human. Within 10 years she's going to be speaking through an electrolarynx..

Lovable is probably my most anticipated non-Momoi album of the year though. Primula juliae remix hell yeah!
Lovable banner

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November 18, 2007

m.m.m. membership card

Came today. Handwritten name and number confirmed :)
Card front
Card back

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November 14, 2007

High Energy & Lumica out today

My orders shipped out Monday night and will probably be in by the end of the week. From the looks of it, promotional posters are included with preorders again, so I will post them when I get it. It's always nice of Neowing to include bonus incentives like that even though it significantly increases the cost of their shipping overseas (they use the huge box and still charge me the same rate per disc).

Luckily I don't have to wait until Friday for the PV, as some kind soul has already uploaded it here

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November 9, 2007

Momoi is coming to Honolulu

Well looks like Momoi's next US tour date came sooner than anyone could imagine. m.m.m. sent out a notice yesterday offering a travel package to fan club members for Momoi's upcoming appearance in Hawaii!

Momoi will be attending the Honolulu Festival from March 14th to March 16th and will be holding a performance on the 15th. Hawaii is a great vacation destination in itself already, so this event is a perfect boost for Momoists to start planning their calendars. This time it is quite convenient for me too, so I will consider the trip seriously.

Interestingly, Hawaii is the only state in the United States with a majority Asian population, and is known for its very large percentage of Japanese.

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November 5, 2007

Paranda's guide to joining m.m.m. for American fans

For those interested in joining Momoi's official fan club m.m.m., there's some good news from Right Gauge: membership is open to all countries, as long as you can find a way to send them the payment! After several clarification emails and weeks of nail-biting, I have at last managed to completely test out the enrollment process from the US. Hopefully, this guide can help you secure your membership in m.m.m. as well with as little hassle as possible.

In case you don't remember what the fan club perks are, feel free to review this post from last year. There are also members from other countries who are testing out their own methods of joining, which you can read about on the unofficial International Halko Momoi Fanboard. Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Right Gauge in any way; I am not responsible for your money. Send at your own risk!

  1. (IMPORTANT). If you have read similar instructions to use a bank wire transfer and swift codes and whatever, this is no longer recommended unless you want to pay triple the membership amount thanks to banks taking their cut in various fees. See Mr. Trainspotting horror story.

  2. Draft up an email to "" with the subject: "桃井はるこファンクラブ送金完了" Make sure that the subject is exact. If you just see a bunch of squares or question marks, then your computer needs to have Japanese fonts installed.

    Put the following in the body and fill in the info as requested. Omit the parentheses. It is a good idea to include "USA" in your address to reduce possible confusion as I know a lot of people (including myself) never use it when sending domestic mail.

    お名前:(your name here)
    郵便番号: (Your zip code here)
    住所:(Your address here)
    連絡先メールアドレス:(your e-mail address here)

    Save it in your drafts folder for now, but DO NOT SEND IT. Also print out a copy.

  3. Bring the paper copy of your email and an envelope with you to your local USPS office (Not FedEx, UPS, or other mail services).

  4. Buy an international direct money order to Japan for 6500 yen. This covers both the initiation and annual fees, but it is slightly higher due to international processing and what not. Note that USPS only accepts money orders to Japan in USD so you will have to convert to dollars. Right Gauge says that their asking amount is $55.40. However, this is only based on the spot exchange rate they quoted at the time of my inquiry. Personally, I suggest paying $60 (or more, if the dollar plummets) so they have a little headroom and don't get screwed by changing FX rates. If you still aren't sure, email them and ask how much they would like in dollars. Right Gauge is one of the few small offices that is even willing to take that kind of exposure and deal with foreigner fan club membership at all so please don't leave a bad impression and ruin it for the people after you who might want to join. You will have to pay an additional $3.85 money order fee so the total cost should be $63.85

    Fill in the following address for your money order:

    1-38-7-306, Akatsutsumi,
    Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    ZIP code:156-0044
    Right Gauge Co.,Ltd.

    Make sure you also fill in your own address in the "From" field so they know who you are. Obviously, make sure the address and name you fill in match the ones you have in your email. Money orders are protected from loss/theft if you fill in the "To" and "From" fields and don't do something dumb like pay to Cash.

  5. Put your money order in the envelope with the paper copy of your email and send it to the above address via First Class International Mail for 90 cents (allow 2 - 8 weeks delivery. Mine was processed after 18 days). Make sure you also buy "delivery confirmation" just so you can track your mail online (tracking the money order itself is much harder since you must do it in person at the post office, fill in a form 6401, and also pay $3 each time). If you don't want to wait and have some spare money, you can also send it using one of the recommended express mail services which offer tracking. Priority airmail for a 1 ounce letter is something like 11 bucks.

  6. Wait a few weeks (or days if you used express mail) and check on your letter status occasionally. Once it has been delivered, now you can send the email that you saved in your draft in step 2. Right Gauge might also contact you first since you included your contact info with your money order. If Right Gauge replies and has no idea what you are talking about, wait a few days in case they haven't got around to cashing your money order and send the email again.

  7. After about another week, you will receive your membership number via email along with the expiration date. There will be an undetermined amount of time to wait for the card itself. However, during this waiting period you can verify that your name is spelled correctly, or elect to change it.

  8. If everything goes smoothly, you will receive your membership card in the post after a while. Congratulations you are an offical m.m.m member! Now just remember to send 3000 yen every year before expiration to keep your membership status active.

  9. Share this info with any of your friends who also want to join!

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November 3, 2007

Yuen no Amulet and R.G.B. arrive in mail

Along with a very nice surprise poster.

The PV is awesome in DVD format, and I love the song. R.G.B. will take a little more getting used to.

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November 2, 2007

Experiments with Omamo Ringo-san 2

I spent waaaayyyy too much time trying to get this thing to run properly in Foobar2k. Still can't get it right completely. Damn I need sleep...

Mebius Ring on Windows Media Player

Space Love on Foobar2000

But it's just too cute isn't it?

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November 1, 2007

AX concert gets DVD release

Second most exciting news ever (the first would be Momoi's AX appearance announcement):
"Momo-i! World Tour 2007 in L.A." DVD!

The Toranoana exclusive release is due 1/1/2008, and will include a mix of both concert footage and off-stage documentary.

The DVD will also include a specially made booklet and photos of Toranoana in-store events. A must have for all fans, plus there is a very high chance you will see yourself if you were at AX! Add another reason to celebrate the New Year!


I am on stage left in the picture :3

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