December 23, 2007

Well I finally bought an Xbox 360

xbox Box lol

Now to somehow get Xbox Live to work with this damn wireless adapter since there is no way I am running 30 meters of cable from my modem to my living room. Routers are a huge pain in the butt. When you fail the Live test despite passing every single test leading up to it and have all your ports forwarded, "More Info" should actually display, you know, MORE INFO, instead of just being blank. Right now, my strategy has been reduced to router configuration settings roulette and praying it works on reboot.

Mass Effect is really fun though. I've only played it for about 5 hours so far, but I am getting the same giddy feeling as when I played RE4 two years ago. Thanks InsaneLampShade.

Now the question is...what other games should I get?

Currently owned:
Mass Effect, Bioshock, Beautiful Katamari, Marvel/Forza bundle pack

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December 22, 2007

Vote for Momoi in the Seiyuu Awards

Momoi has made the nominees list for three categories for this year's seiyuu awards, so please help her win at least one! If you aren't sure how to vote, you can follow the very helpful instructions posted by j1m0ne.

The three categories that Momoi are eligible for are Best Lead Actress, Best Singer, Best Personality.

Incidentally, according to Yui-nyan, who was also nominated for the song category and was very surprised about it, Momoi suggested they both attend a recent Prism Ark event in goth loli. Yui had to buy some clothes since she didn't have any. Momoi seems to be getting into the whole fashion, since she was also wearing something like that on her nico videos. The hat makes yet another appearance. Pictures at Yui's blog.

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December 12, 2007

Happy Early B-day to Momoi

Posting now because on the 14th I will probably be dead or dying from the piled up work to do before year-end. Momoi turns 30 in 1.5 days!

Also Animelo 2007 was amazing. 1. Ushiroyuubi duet with Momoi and Minami. 2. Momoi belts out a solo segment and also does drumrolls for Arika during Outride. 3. JAM PROJECT + truckloads of pyro. Everyone did a fantastic job. Buy if you haven't already.

Felt bad for Minorin though, who had such good performances but messed up at the end of her segment for Generation-A both times. Maybe she was nervous or hurt her voice earlier somehow.

Lastly for today, the first wave of Kawaii JeNny dolls became available for preorder a few hours earlier, and did not sell out yet. If we assume demand will be around the same for future releases, I guess the chances of getting a Sister B just might be realistic in January. Then again, there are 3 dolls this time and may have divided up the number of crazy people. Will post a reminder in January if I live.

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December 6, 2007

Suara LIVE TOUR 2007

Well my Suara concert DVD came yesterday. Speaking not as a Momoist, but as a voice fan in general, I consider Suara to be, probably, one of the best professional singers I have ever heard within the limited scope of Japanese anime/game related music.

Suara has fantastically unique sweet earthy sound and a tremendous amount of range in her voice. She is also one of the few singers who can draw out very deep notes and hold a tune without overly abusing vibrato. Having combined her raw skill with a great selection of songs, Suara managed to easily outshine many other widely respected artists in the same field, including a majority of the people she performed with this year at Animelo. She was no less amazing live in the tour concert DVD. With a great deal of vocal control, she sang nearly each song to perfection, matching or exceeding the quality of her album recorded versions.

Overall, the concert was a great way to show off Suara's strength, training, and discipline as a singer. I have absolutely nothing but praise for her in this aspect. In fact, my only complaint about the entire concert is a highly superficial one regarding her movements. It may be because I am not used to this particular style (most concerts I watch have PPPH-obessessed crowds and singers flipping out harder than Kaneda Tomoko on Schedule I stimulants), but for the first half of the concert Suara just seemed completely rigid and robotic. Her two feet never shifted an inch from the spot they stood, and this was especially obvious since she was wearing a skirt that only went down to her knees. If you muted the audio, she came across like one of those electronic mannequins at theme parks with can only twist their upper torso and arms in certain patterns. While this is something I could expect in solo recording sessions, in front of a live audience, I think there is a lot of wasted potential. It's not like she was at a recital or anything. This was a full blown publicity tour. Once the novelty of "OH SHIT IT'S SUARA SINGING LIVE" wears off, the visual part of the concert started to get a little boring. You may as well have just watched a Suara gif loop a lot.

It wasn't until she sang Ichiban Boshi that she really started moving around, smiling a lot, making direct eye contact with her fans, and really trying to sing to her audience. As a result those segments were my favorite parts out of an already amazing concert. In my blog, I have frequently referred to my numerous attempts to hide my wota tendencies in real life, but this particular DVD is something I would not be ashamed to display on my shelf to even non-anime fans, as I would highly recommend it to all fans of music. It's just quality singing. I almost want to buy a PS3 now so I can order the blu-ray version of this.

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December 5, 2007

Sister B dolls to be sold in limited quantities

Momoi fans may be pleased to know that Licca Castle will be selling 1000 Sister B dolls, available for pre-order on January 15th. 20 buyers will also receive a Kawaii JeNny DVD vol. 2 as a gift. Orders are 6000 yen each. Although Licca does not accept sales from foreigners directly, doll collecting is very popular so there are many online companies that you can ask to pre-order for you, assuming the dolls do not sell out instantly. The "Sweets Angels" dolls will also be available on 12/12 if you want those too.

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