January 25, 2008

m.m.m. exchange rate reminder

When I posted the fanclub guide in early November last year, the exchange rate was 114. It's now hovering around 106, the lowest it has been since 2005. This means R-G will probably get 102 or 103. Heads up for anyone planning on joining the Momoi fanclub, sending $60 will NO LONGER cover your entrance fees. Try to send around $65.

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January 20, 2008

Sunday early morning and BEST CLIP

Avex has posted more details on Momoi's upcoming album and video collection. The new album, Sunday Early Morning, will be released March 5th for 3360 yen with the following tracks:

  1. Sunday early morning
  2. Romantic summer
  3. Good morning!
  4. Enter!
  5. Party!
  6. Lumica
  7. 21 Seiki
  8. High Energy
  10. Naito de naito
  11. Ima anata ga suki
  12. Thunder Shot!
  13. Get Wild (cover)

Some of the tracks have been widely released before through Avex singles, but a good portion of them are either from special releases like Naito de naito or the Toranoana CDs, or entirely new. The album is also notable for being the first original Momoi album to date that is not branded as a "Best of" collection. On the video side, Momoi's BEST CLIP DVD will be released on the same day. First pressing will receive a 16 page booklet. The following music is featured on the disc:

  1. Sunday early morning (new)
  2. Saigo no Rock
  3. Yume no baton
  4. 21 Seiki
  5. Lumica
  6. Chuo Line
  7. Romantic Summer (live clip)
  8. LOVE.EXE (see Momo-i quality LIVE IN Stellar Ball, disc 1 at 1:00:55 if you don't remember what this is)

The collection also includes promotional bits, mostly video from Toranoana shop windows, TV spots, Making of, and so on. A bonus for German Momoi fans is the inclusion of a behinds the scenes video from Connichi 2007.

  1. Lumica (store promo)
  2. High Energy (store promo)
  3. Cover Densha (making of)
  4. Chuo Line (making of)
  5. Sunday early morning (making of)
  6. momo-i quality (TV spot)
  7. Cover Densha (TV spot)
  8. 21 Seiki (TV spot)
  9. Lumica (TV spot)
  10. Connichi2007 (off shot)

Momoi will be heavily promoting these releases through several mini-lives and events scheduled in March (with one break in between to go to Hawaii). If you are in Japan that month, you could probably attend them. See the avex event page for more details.

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January 19, 2008

Right Gauge has a Momoi page


Right Gauge launched Momoi's site earlier this week. There are some good pictures, a schedule, and m.m.m. info. There is also a handy RSS link that you can use so you don't miss any posts.

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January 6, 2008

AX DVD arrived

Much thanks to the incredibly generous guy at Web-Rider who volunteered to get the DVDs for some fans. Since he picked up everything straight from Comiket, the package included some VERY SPECIAL BONUS items...notably, an autographed DVD cover and an autographed photo!

Since I am a bit short on time, I skimmed over it once so far, but I will be watching it over more carefully for the next few days. It's very interesting though, as the entire thing is shot "documentary style" with the concerts and events all blended together in chronological order rather than separating the DVD into "concert" and "extras" sections. If you ever watched those I'VE videos that follow the crew around while they shoot a video in the US but also go to restaurants and tour famous places, it's kind of like that.

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January 4, 2008

Momoi Calendar 2008

12 reasons to join m.m.m. by 2009 if you haven't already.

Right Gauge sent out Momoi's annual photo calendar to fanclub members as a New Year's gift. Package was sent on New Year's Day according to the postmark. Thanks RG!!

Unless foreign memberships get special treatment for air mail, some poor guy seems to have hand addressed envelopes for over a thousand members.

Included are 12 photos and a New Year's message from Momoi.

And my own favorite picture from the set... HEIL SISTER B!

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