February 17, 2008

Hawaii event times posted

Honolulu Festival has dedicated an entire page to Momoi's upcoming performance this March. It looks like she is going to get a bit more special treatment than I had previously thought. There will be two half-hour sessions in the Hawaii Convention Center on 3/15 and 3/16. Holding it indoors is good news for cyalume plans.


Very strangely however, they referred to her main fan base as otaku, and worse, translated "アニメおたく" as "anime-obsessed males". The english version of the article seems to emphasize the gender aspect way too much. That just sounds so unflattering for something supposed to be a fluff piece. Momoi's content is enjoyed by everyone, and that article is framing it in a poor context. Also, parts of it appear to be copied word for word from Wikipedia.

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February 3, 2008

Sunday Early Morning

Notice: from now until the markets become a little more calm (HAHAHAHAHA), Momoi updates will probably only happen on Sundays (conveniently fitting the post title) because work is taking up literally 100% of my waking time during the weekday. And probably taking away sleep time as well.

So now, here's an update: A few weeks ago, Momoi hinted on her blog that the Sunday Early Morning PV may be uploaded to a video site. On Monday, Avex followed up by releasing the Sunday Early Morning PV to Nico Video. It is possibly the best Momoi PV ever made.

The singing is supposedly entirely in English, but I can't tell what is being said. The song was written and composed by Momoi, and arranged by MISSILE CHEWBACCA.

Watch it:

Updated with brain hotel's YT link:

Shakugan no Shana (see Nico version for awesome subtitles)

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