March 29, 2008

ENJOY WITH MOMOI IN HF: Saturday (part 2)

We had lunch at Teddy's Bigger Burgers. Suisei was especially enamored with the idea of eating the biggest burger on the menu, and kept repeating "MONSTER DOUBLE BURGER" in anticipation while waiting on line. He ended up getting the 18 ounce beast of a burger along with the combo drink and fries. I had the 9 ounce version of the burger, and which already seemed incredibly large to me. Somehow he managed to finish the whole thing and still be alive, probably because of all the exercise from doing otagei. I almost regret not being more adventurous and trying the same, but that is on my list for next year when Momoi comes to Hawaii again. I did have a delicious peanut butter shake though, that was so thick it was almost solid. While we were eating, the fan who cosplayed Jenny at the dinner on Friday came over to our table and brought out several Momoi pinky figures that he had made. Some pieces were very impressive given the level of detail, especially on the miniature keytars.

After lunch, the group split up with about half going swimming and the other half wanting to visit the anime and comic shops in town. Since I had gotten a lot of swimming done on Friday, I decided to go with the shop crew. Tenton and catsspat headed for the beach with one group of fans, while pantsgoblin, priz, mandi, and I went with the other. Mandi's friend, Candace, lived in the area so she kindly acted as tour guide for everyone. We moved in packs between the various stores including Mecha Hawaii and Toys n Joys, flash-mobbing the shop owners. Each visit was a scene in itself, with some 10-15 japanese guys rushing in, taking a ton of photos (espcially of the Momoi flyers that were pasted in any windows or stacked on the counters...they were very popular with the fans), buying lots of things, and leaving just as quickly as they went in. Thankfully Candace knew all of the owners and explained the situation to them pretty well. Since I now had a huge empty case that I used to transport 200 glowsticks and candies here, I figured I might as well use something to fill it up on the way back to NYC, so I got roughly $250 worth of figures that I had been putting off, but nothing too special to mention by name.

Once shopping was all done and we were heading back, some fans spotted a playground that they said looked similar to the one on Momoi's "Yume no baton" single cover so we all walked over there for pictures. Each person got a chance to copy Momoi's pose, and at the end we all posed for a big group picture on the construct. It was a sight to see: consider a large group of strange otaku carrying bags and bags of anime goods loitering near a playground. Good thing it was a Saturday and school was out. After posing, we hung around the curb across the street waiting for taxi pickup. There happened to be a store called Tamura's there. As expected, there is quite a bit of overlap between Momoists and Yukarifans so of course several fans had to comment on the name and take pictures of the store sign. I felt pretty vindicated for not being the only person who thought of that upon first glance. You can't get this kind of seiyuu geek company in the northeast.

After a few minutes of waiting, several cabs pulled up and we filled them in groups of 4 or 5 at a time. English speakers all shared a cab last in order to give directions to the drivers, though asopaso also came with us due to room constraints. The driver turned out to be some crazy guy who kept insisting on finding out where everybody lived, probably to distract us from the fact that he was taking the long way back to the hotel. He then started singing Sinatra's "New York New York", apparently prompted by learning that's where I was from. I figured this was going to be a quick joke, but he just kept going and going, belting out the whole song in its entirety. He also tried to make us guess the names and singers for what I assumed were contemporary American songs, but we didn't know any of them.

We finally returned to Pacific Beach, much later than everyone else, after the driver "mistakenly" brought us to the wrong hotel. Most cab drivers probably would have stopped the meter though, if they realized they went the wrong way, which is why I suspect his motiviations. Back in our rooms, Yuiichi came over to show us one of the custom photobooks he ordered back when the Momoi photobook promotion was going on:

For dinner, we regrouped to visit the only Anna Miller's restaurant outside of Japan. Somehow we managed to get seated for 17 people without prior reservations on a busy night, after only about 20 minutes of waiting. Yuuichi showed me an awesome Sunday Early Morning screensaver he put on his phone while in the lounge. The menu itself was pretty standard so I guess everyone just admires the uniforms. I had the French dip and tried one of their coconut custard pies which was pretty good. It was fun though, so time flew by pretty fast. Dinner lasted pretty late, all the way until at maybe 11PM or so. After a taxi ride back, I can't really remember what happened but I think I just went to sleep right away because I was so tired and we still had to get up tomorrow for the concert.

Sunday was definitely the most exciting out of all the days though, so I am looking forward to writing the report :)

Posted by Paranda at March 29, 2008 2:41 AM


Great info. I remember being shown the photobook but I wasn't sure what it was, exactly (I had an idea...). That's really cool. So much fun times we had, they HAVE to go back to Honolulu next year. SERIOUSLY. We'll be better prepared too. :)

Posted by: Priz at March 29, 2008 2:41 PM

While you guys went to Anna Miller's, the other group headed off to a steakhouse (some of the fans wanted to go to a steakhouse). Catsspat and I both made it to Anna Miller's on Tuesday, after everyone had left (they actually don't take reservations, I'm told. Though I'm still surprised they could seat 17 fairly quickly; it took a little longer to seat around 10-ish at the steakhouse).

Hey, if they want to do it again next year, I'm there. On the list of things to do is to study Japanese (which is nearly useless at this point) and start doing Momoi's Boot Camp to get into shape.

BTW, we need to hit a luau, among other things, if there's another Hawaii trip. I can't believe no one thought about that one (everyone around me mentioned it when I got back, though...)

Posted by: tenton at March 29, 2008 3:16 PM

I am laughing out loud imagining a group of adults posing around a playground, and then a group of poor, unsuspecting people passing by...

Hahaha! Tamura's. Seems like the kind of thing I would see and be forced to keep to myself since no one would know who Yukari Tamura was...

My friend is terrified of taxis, and I've sworn to myself to never get in one. Apparently, a taxi driver drove her family aimlessly through some shady parts of the city for, like, an hour... she thought he was going to kill them. XD

Having a guy driving the car sing to you and ask you where you live sounds equally scary. XD

And LOL, I'm sure the shop owners were... surprised/grateful at all the business. XD

Wow, 18 ounces of meat...

If it were 186 ounces of chocolate, then maybe, but... ehehehe.

Posted by: AnimeKittyCafe at March 29, 2008 11:04 PM

I really want to do this again next year. So it seems both Momoi and the Honolulu Festival are in favor of doing it again. I'm going to be more prepared next year... I also plan on being as part of the actual tour group... Need to start saving up for that...

Posted by: PantsGoblin at March 30, 2008 1:44 AM

>I got roughly $250 worth of figures that I had been putting off, but nothing too special to mention by name.

It's- It's not like I wanted you to buy my figure anyway!!

Posted by: Ogiue at April 1, 2008 11:08 PM

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