August 30, 2008


Day 1 of Animelo just passed. It was a bad idea to explore Ikebukuro in the morning because the concert itself is a massive test of stamina. After tomorrow I will never walk again. Too tired to title this post.

Highlights of the day include seeing Suara, Mizuki Nana, Minorin, and Yukari. ESPECIALLY YUKARI...getting to draw hearts to Koiseyo Onnanoko, getting zapped with the MEROMERO stick, and actually implementing the moves taught to the meron song in the latest Chelsea Girl DVD (good thing I watched that before I left).

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August 26, 2008

Ah my 10000 pages of material arrived. Now to commit this to memory...

Managed to get through almost a month of studying now. Ended up going through relearning finance on HP and reviewing derivatives first because I was waiting for my curriculum to arrive, but now the real regimented studying begins. Holy shit this thing was HUGE. Originally I was expecting some Webster dictionary-sized book kind of like my larger textbooks back in college which I felt was hefty, but no major challenge to get through by the end of December. I was so naive. It's actually much worse than that.

I opened up my nice suspiciously heavy UPS package to discover seven thick volumes of material, each which would have been enough to be a full textbook for a semester-long class in college. Actually it is is probably more material than I read for my entire undergrad since I used to always just skim everything off the professors' slides and packets. Going through the first week of this was a major pain and several times I had to resist the urge to skip studying for the day and just go watch ToLoveRu or something equally stupid to kill brain cells and neutralize any progress made (p.s. Haruna sux. Lala 4 lyfe). As you can see, failures in willpower did occur.

Things are finally slowly getting better as I discover a more optimal scheduling. Memorization ability is better in the mornings so I have set a bedtime at 10PM no exceptions in order to wake up at 6:00AM. This gives me about 2 hours to cram in breakfast + study before going to work. It is also harder to get distracted because even with getting a full night's sleep, I mentally feel like waking up earlier than needed is a huge sacrifice and am less inclined to skip studying and blow it on doing something else. I gave up my chance to sleep in and by God I am gonna USE it wisely! This has so far been successful once I got adjusted to the sleep/wake times.

Of course now to fuck it up and get jet lagged to hell for Japan in two days. Animelo is this weekend!

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August 17, 2008

MOSAIC.WAV interview from DNS

There is a lot of overlap between Momoi fans and MOSAIC.WAV fans including myself as I have posted in the past, and from other commenters here. So everybody who likes MOSAIC.WAV should read this fantastic English interview by DENPA NO SEKAI.

It's so impressive I had to make a post just to link to it. Plus Koike is referred to as "legendary." Yep, that's the kind of rep you can get for being one half of UNDER17 8)

Also, willpower to study steadily deceasing since two weeks ago...relearning all the fast habits I had with my trusty TI-89 all these years and re-ingraining them to hp 12c for financial math has been great fun.

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August 10, 2008

Just returned from seeing JAM Project

Still collecting thoughts. Sleep now.

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August 4, 2008

CFA cram begins

You might remember that I used to occasionally complain here about studying for tests back when I was going to NYU. Thankfully that all stopped after I graduated and got a job. I thought I would never have to think about studying again.

But since I am a shortsighted idiot, I appear to have gotten myself into a test taking situation yet again. So I can only post this for my self encouragement. Coming this December, I'll have finished my first year as a full-time analyst at "Unnamed Corporation," so I figured (way back in March), that I would aim to use my year of experience as well as my still-recent (and thus hopefully relevant) undergrad education to help study for the level 1 CFA.

Well now I regret making that decision because some 8 months after I became an analyst (almost 2 years if you include the time as intern), I still feel like I know jack about the industry. Plus, from what I've read, even having a finance background doesn't help much on most of it anyway, because so does everyone else taking the test, and it's still hard as shit and curved just enough to make 70% of grown men cry. BUT my stupid ass foolishly publicized that decision back in March in my "stated self improvement goals" at work, so now I basically have to put my money where my mouth is in order to not look like a chump. Since it cost an arm and a leg to even register for this test, I can't really afford to piss away money by failing either. Thus, August marks the start of my CFA preparation.

There is some obscenely low pass rate usually attributed to people underestimating the study time for the test. I thought I had decent cramming skillz back in school, but since I've heard nothing but horror stories about the amount of studying required from most of my coworkers who I consider real smart guys (and some who have been working way longer than I have), I have been sufficiently scared into early preparation.

My current plan is to do one session every five days, with no breaks in between except for the few days I will be in Japan for Animelo. This should allow me to finish studying about three weeks before the actual exam, so I can spend the last month on nothing but practice tests.

Also if I pass, I get to look forward to another 2 more levels of this test that are supposedly even harder before getting certified. Oh boy! Then again at least I'm not going for a CPA. Haven't people killed themselves over that one?

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