January 29, 2009

Now I feel bad about buying tickets two weeks ago

Hawaii plane tickets dropped yet another $100. Damn! Looking at 401 from New York to Honolulu.

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January 29, 2009

100k WS average bonus?

This certainly wasn't the case where I work, and we didn't even need bailout dollars due to having risk managers who weren't completely insane. Where's my 100k?

Actually I'm just glad I didn't get canned as a lowly 1st year monkey ^_^;;

Good thing I rushed that graduation in 3.5 years huh? Just before the bubble burst...

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January 20, 2009

DMC sadness

As I have learned over the weekend when looking for DMC tickets, Yukarin's concerts appear to employ a remarkably fair ticket system to prevent resellers from picking off good arena level seats and auctioning them. The entire front arena section is apparently determined by random drawing for those who buy specific fan club lottery tickets, with final seats revealed about 10-14 days before the show dates and then mailed to you. When browsing through the general public tickets, I have only seen listings for second and third floors. While I could opt to participate in a fanclub drawing through a proxy, it would be cutting it pretty close with a number of things potentially going badly. In the end I feel this element of uncertainty makes the trip not worth it. I'll probably just save the money for Animelo 2009 and aim for Yukari in 2010 if she does something major again with a more transparent ticketing process like Budokan.

I will have to be making trips in March and May to see Momoi anyway, so this gives me some breathing room. Note: there have been pretty big price drops for tickets to Hawaii for that exact weekend March 12 - March 16 so if you are still thinking about it, take a look at some airlines - the prices are cheaper than you may think.

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January 19, 2009

Right Gauge discography page update

Since I was checking out Cue! notes over at the RG website, I noticed they have overhauled their entire discography section this year and reposted all of it using their fancy new format. It contains every CD/DVD Momoi has been associated with since her leaving Nakid in early 2006 and joining RG that I can remember coming out, so it looks mostly complete. I was even surprised at a few items I saw in newsmail once but forgot about buying such as the Hokuto no Ken Trance disc. Take a look if you haven't already.

There is one Momoi pseudo-single CD that I did not see listed though, but it came out in late 06 after Plug Entertainment formed. See if you can figure out what it is!

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January 18, 2009

Second batch of Momoi stuff for the month

More mail retrieved this long weekend.

Starting from top left going clockwise there's Orchid Seed's 1/7 San figure from CDJapan, Siesta tote bag + Siesta doujinshi from Comiket 75 (thanks to ochawan), and finally Momoi's latest single, Cue! (thanks to Shinji).

San is a remarkably sturdy figure with lots of removable parts to mess around with, and allows you several options to customize the final look. Due to the way they designed the sockets in order to hide the areas where parts join together though, assembly was a huge pain and required various hooked instruments to everything into the right position (especially when trying to join the torso to hips through the skirt which is not removable). Word of warning: wear gloves or wash hands thoroughly before handling, and make sure the figure itself is also cleaned as you will have to press/pull HARD on the plastic and you don't want to cry about even the slightest bit of dirt getting rubbed in.

The final completed figure is so amazingly cute, especially when viewed in person. The fish tail is also highly detailed, though I opted to go with San's fully clothed human form for now as it is winter and swap to the tail and clamshell bra once July comes around. Here she is posing with her Nendoroid self that came earlier last week.

As mentioned early, due to some fantastic Momoists who made a trip to Comiket 75, I also managed to get a copy of Momoi's doujinshi "Siesta" which she sold at her own table (read about Momoi's full C75 experience at her Ameblo blog). The book sold out at the event and had buyers including Poyoyon Rock. It contains cover art by Magari Hiroaki, various essays, and even a short story "Do you remember me" written by Momoi and illustrated by Itou Ryou. A small Siesta tote bag can be used to hold the comic.

Finally, there's Cue! obtained from the same event, and is supposed to be Momoi's first single of 2009 and sold exclusively at Toranoana. It is an upbeat denpa song (specifically identified as such) used as the third opening for Momoi's radio show and to celebrate the show's 100th broadcast. Since Momoi created the song taking various suggestions from her radio listeners, in the "producers" section of the credits on the inside cover, "Chou! Momo-i listeners" are listed. The song contains many denpa tropes and the very much missed "fu fu fu fu" making it quite receptive to infinite looping.

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January 10, 2009

Momoi calendar, San nendoroid, Hot Shot Jr.

Hmm I haven't done one of these posts in a while. I finally got all my December packages and opened everything up today. Time to show some stuff...

Hot Shot Jr. didn't look so hot in the old pictures, but in fact is totally awesome now that I notice how many decals go on it. These little racing logos really make the car, with designs for GURA GURA, ENTER, and other titles. The only reason I haven't built it yet is because I don't have any gold paint right now to spray down the hood. The special postcard is also nice, but again to reiterate, best part about this time's Tamiya release is definitely the Momoi stickers. One day I will commission a racing suit that just has these Momoi "sponsors" all over it for use in concert outings.

m.m.m. fan club members also got a 2009 edition Momoi desk calendar this year. It's perfect for putting up on your desk at work so the entire team knows you are a kimo-ota and will line you up for the next round of lay offs. Luckily all fixed income guys are really nerdy so I might get away with it...nah probably not. It's really cute though.

Here are all the months. Upon seeing the panda costume on Dec, I could have sworn I saw a whole set of these posted by Momoi on her blog, but after searching I must have simply remembered wrong. It is in the same style as the tiger costume she wore for her Toranoana instore event though.

Also picked up the Seto no Hanayome OVA Jin special edition pack that came out. The DVD case is inside a second clear slipcover case which is pointless but pretty.

The main reason I bought it was for the included Nendoroid figure of San though, who is voiced by Momoi.

Here is the size compared to a standard Nendoroid figure. I actually prefer smaller size though, since there isn't exactly much detail that needs to be molded in. The smaller size means you can fit it on your desk that much more easily instead of sitting in a box in limbo like Miku here. My desk at home is getting a bit cramped with all the figures.

That's it for now. Next time I should have the OrchidSeed 1/7 Seto San figure to show off. Then it will be the long purchasing freeze while I save up for a bunch of trips.

Momoi made a post about akinator.com today. This is actually pretty funny to me because a few weeks ago I spent like 3 hours on that site just putting in Momoi a million times to build up their question and answer database. The Tsukune-chan one is especially funny. Yeah Tsukune has basically murdered people in cold blood several times.

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January 5, 2009

Age cults

Since Tanaka Rie's birthday passed over the weekend, she is now eligible to be 17 years old, a concept she once lampooned (in character as Maria) during an episode of Hayate no Gotoku.

The age 17 sect is probably the most well known club in the seiyuu industry, with a motto that embraces eternal youth with an sense of bittersweetness. The criteria for membership include being a female seiyuu, being 17 years old plus a minimum of 156 months, and being personally recognized by the cult leader Inoue Kikuko. Members can usually introduce themselves using their name followed by a proclamation that they are "17 years old" which gives the crowd an opportunity to call out a response or cheer depending on the person.

Although Kikuko did not proselytize much, the movement gained momentum in 2006 when notable seiyuu Tamura Yukari was officially initated into the club. Horie Yui followed Yukarin's example shortly after. Although many seiyuu after have adopted this line of thinking, the list of actual members remains small due to the strict membership requirements.

Due to broad appeal but surprising exclusivity, a number of interesting situations have arisen in response to this organization.

For those supporting the movement, some seiyuu seem to have earned a transitional status in the club where they are implicitly endorsed, but do not hold official membership because they do not meet all eligibility requirements.

There are also power struggles and resistances. Lately, as anyone who has seen the last DVD can tell, Yukari (supposedly bored with the central tenets) has injected some sarcasm in her declarations as opposed to deadpanning the usual lines. Then again, with the release of Meron no uta~Yukari Oukoku Kouka (Melon song~Yukari Kingdom's National Anthem) her religious heresies have been more or less retconned into a very blurred dual personality explanation.

My own theory is that the highly disparate modes she can switch into implies there are actually two Yukaris: One being the normal witty professional voice actor Tamura Yukari, and the other being her delusional alter-ego, an eternally 17 princess who believes she lives in a castle on a pink moon, has magical staff powers activated by winding herself up and then spinning in circles, and is also simultaneously married to Horie Yui and Mizuki Nana (presumably fantasies created as some sort of defensive mechanism to cope with the reality of the soul crushing seiyuu business). This kind of tongue and cheek cheating is still diverging quite a bit from Oneesan's original vision though. Still she remains an official member to date.

Additionally, the 17 brandname has faced the threat of dilution with various spinoffs such as the 10 years old cult formed by Kaneda Tomoko, and the 23 years old cult formed by Takahashi Chiaki, and even radical resistance movements. Team 30, an underground counter-cult originally formed by ARIA seiyuu during a radio broadcast, has declared that veteran seiyuu should embrace the reality of being over 30, and as such have marked the 17 age sect to be its sworn ideological enemy.

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