January 19, 2009

Right Gauge discography page update

Since I was checking out Cue! notes over at the RG website, I noticed they have overhauled their entire discography section this year and reposted all of it using their fancy new format. It contains every CD/DVD Momoi has been associated with since her leaving Nakid in early 2006 and joining RG that I can remember coming out, so it looks mostly complete. I was even surprised at a few items I saw in newsmail once but forgot about buying such as the Hokuto no Ken Trance disc. Take a look if you haven't already.

There is one Momoi pseudo-single CD that I did not see listed though, but it came out in late 06 after Plug Entertainment formed. See if you can figure out what it is!

Posted by Paranda at January 19, 2009 12:50 AM


That is an incredibly detailed discography for sure. Thanks for the link, it will be useful in the future. I have no idea what could be missing...

Posted by: 電波の世界 at January 25, 2009 2:31 PM

I was thinking of Momoi's tribute disc from that Esper Mami box set.

Posted by: paranda at January 25, 2009 9:58 PM

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