January 18, 2009

Second batch of Momoi stuff for the month

More mail retrieved this long weekend.

Starting from top left going clockwise there's Orchid Seed's 1/7 San figure from CDJapan, Siesta tote bag + Siesta doujinshi from Comiket 75 (thanks to ochawan), and finally Momoi's latest single, Cue! (thanks to Shinji).

San is a remarkably sturdy figure with lots of removable parts to mess around with, and allows you several options to customize the final look. Due to the way they designed the sockets in order to hide the areas where parts join together though, assembly was a huge pain and required various hooked instruments to everything into the right position (especially when trying to join the torso to hips through the skirt which is not removable). Word of warning: wear gloves or wash hands thoroughly before handling, and make sure the figure itself is also cleaned as you will have to press/pull HARD on the plastic and you don't want to cry about even the slightest bit of dirt getting rubbed in.

The final completed figure is so amazingly cute, especially when viewed in person. The fish tail is also highly detailed, though I opted to go with San's fully clothed human form for now as it is winter and swap to the tail and clamshell bra once July comes around. Here she is posing with her Nendoroid self that came earlier last week.

As mentioned early, due to some fantastic Momoists who made a trip to Comiket 75, I also managed to get a copy of Momoi's doujinshi "Siesta" which she sold at her own table (read about Momoi's full C75 experience at her Ameblo blog). The book sold out at the event and had buyers including Poyoyon Rock. It contains cover art by Magari Hiroaki, various essays, and even a short story "Do you remember me" written by Momoi and illustrated by Itou Ryou. A small Siesta tote bag can be used to hold the comic.

Finally, there's Cue! obtained from the same event, and is supposed to be Momoi's first single of 2009 and sold exclusively at Toranoana. It is an upbeat denpa song (specifically identified as such) used as the third opening for Momoi's radio show and to celebrate the show's 100th broadcast. Since Momoi created the song taking various suggestions from her radio listeners, in the "producers" section of the credits on the inside cover, "Chou! Momo-i listeners" are listed. The song contains many denpa tropes and the very much missed "fu fu fu fu" making it quite receptive to infinite looping.

Posted by Paranda at January 18, 2009 5:39 PM


Longtime no see. Do you remember me? I discharged last month. I'm so happy >_
anyway I realy envy you.... the crazy exchange rate makes me can't buy anything. T_T

Posted by: longhorn at January 31, 2009 9:21 AM

Hi Longhorn! So glad to see you are back and updating regularly again. I was also surprised to know that you and nyol have met before. Seems like everybody knows each other now :)

Posted by: paranda at January 31, 2009 6:20 PM

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