February 26, 2009


Hmmm an ave;new and ave;new project event presented by dorechu (a.k.a.dRESS)? This may be the first time I can remember them hosting their own big event - usually they would be an act in some larger festival/promotion.

Hopefully the first of many. Now if they can time one for the summer...

Also, a happy birthday to the princess.

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February 11, 2009

Street value of Perfume + DJ momoi @ 80000 yen

Via Yahoo Auctions

Started at 30000. Someone attempted to outbid nic***** and basically got schooled hard. It wasn't me, honest ^_^;;. Actually I do plan on buying something though. Probably this, which is quite cheap and has practical uses for my computer or cell phone :)

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February 5, 2009

What? Another Komugi figure

While browsing through 1999.co.jp, this famous Momoi character caught my eye.

I guess it's never too late to resurrect a character when it comes to figurines, but considering it was a niche OVA spinoff with a relatively narrow audience, I'm surprised Nurse Witch Komugi would show up years after the series closed.

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February 3, 2009

Asu no Yoichi is probably my favorite show this season

Since I was once a shameless watcher of seiyuu vehicles regardless of quality, I'll just say that this one is actually someting look forward to every week. It's also one of the only series I am watching this season. I used to watch like 10 series at once but in the past year I have seen a drastic reduction of available free time so I now use the casting to very heavily narrow down which series I even start. Looks like I got pretty lucky this time.

Things that I like about my pointless harem anime:

1. S++ female seiyuu cast. Basically everybody I like except Momoi and Chiwa Saitou are in it.

2. VERY IMPORTANT: The token clueless guy protagonist/victim's foil stems from debilitating innocence/ignorance rather than actual stupidity, cowardice, or rage inducing incompetence. Basically a Takabou-type which is my favorite kind of guy to root for.

3. A character whose tsundere trait is used to drive character growth as opposed to a source of pointless abuse for no reason (also getting Utsumi vibes here from Haruka's performance...). Cathartic release after watching too many shitty tsundere shows where the writers appear to have forgotten about the "dere" part.

4. Occasional interesting fighting/beatdown scenes to separate the slapstick harem stuff.

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February 3, 2009

Akihabalove Record Label

The first half of Momoi's latest fanclub update reads more like a stockholders' address than the sugary status updates an idol typically sends to fans. Inspired by the 2002 UK film "24 Hour Party People" which depicts the rise of Factory Records, Momoi has announced the formation of her own production label called Akihaba Love Records, named so because she loves Akihabara. Coincidentally, it was when Momoi assumed her DJ momo-i identity to produce the song "Akihabalove" for Perfume that many people suspected something like this would be inevitable. Principle among the reasons to form her own label appear to be that she does not wish to be under any constraints.

The label's first release will be the theme song for the upcoming Yurumeitsu OVA in April, based on a 4-koma series by Saxyun. The song is performed and composed by Momoi. She will also be voicing the lead character Yurume in the series. The label will also be working on a collaboration project codenamed "Summer of Love" due in May with the first collaboration partner featuring the legendary Okui Masami. The titles for songs have not been revealed, but Momoi says she will probably be acting as support for Masami's vocals, and will be rocking on her keytar. She indicates that details will be provided on her newly established Akihaba Love channel in NicoNicoDouga next week. Starting this month, Momoi will also be leveraging Nico to do live 60 minute broadcasts on the last Tuesday of every month (9pm Japan), which may prove very interesting as Momoi will interact with fans in real time. Finally, Momoi announced she would be holding a singing audition and is welcoming demo tapes and submissions through Nico.

As of now, Momoi's Avex page is still up. Considering Momoi has had to change her name to momo-i when releasing under non-Avex labels, she may be stuck under some non-compete clause in her contract. We might be able to use this to speculate on her status a bit early depending on how she is credited on upcoming releases to see when her contract period expires. Not that this has any point of course since we will all find out sooner or later. She may still be partially attached or dropped altogether. One ramification for Animelo is that she loses Avex's backing in the latter case. Then again, her strengthened relationship to dwango (NND) could make up for it.

Good luck to Momoi in her label startup! Next I hope she starts her own fashion line. Whatever happened to her ambitious plan of giving otaku big makeovers?

Update with links from comments:

Right Gauge announcement

AKIHABA LOVE RECORDS. Presented by Dwango AG Entertainment.

Momoi's blog announcement on Ameblo

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