February 3, 2009

Asu no Yoichi is probably my favorite show this season

Since I was once a shameless watcher of seiyuu vehicles regardless of quality, I'll just say that this one is actually someting look forward to every week. It's also one of the only series I am watching this season. I used to watch like 10 series at once but in the past year I have seen a drastic reduction of available free time so I now use the casting to very heavily narrow down which series I even start. Looks like I got pretty lucky this time.

Things that I like about my pointless harem anime:

1. S++ female seiyuu cast. Basically everybody I like except Momoi and Chiwa Saitou are in it.

2. VERY IMPORTANT: The token clueless guy protagonist/victim's foil stems from debilitating innocence/ignorance rather than actual stupidity, cowardice, or rage inducing incompetence. Basically a Takabou-type which is my favorite kind of guy to root for.

3. A character whose tsundere trait is used to drive character growth as opposed to a source of pointless abuse for no reason (also getting Utsumi vibes here from Haruka's performance...). Cathartic release after watching too many shitty tsundere shows where the writers appear to have forgotten about the "dere" part.

4. Occasional interesting fighting/beatdown scenes to separate the slapstick harem stuff.

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